6 Festive Gimmicks to Spur Your Holiday Sales

How can you entice more customers into your store during the holidays? Be inspired by these creative holiday sales gimmicks that could result in higher sales.

Although the holiday shopping season is coming to an end, you still have time to implement holiday sales strategies that can entice shoppers to stop by your store or website. Here are a few creative holiday sales “gimmicks” to help spur your holiday sales.

  1. Treats at the door:

    The holidays are not festive without delicious food! One holiday sales gimmick that may entice shoppers is free delicious holiday treats. You might offer free cookies or fudge for those who stop by your store. Perhaps you can even work out a joint venture arrangement with a nearby bakery to promote their business as well in exchange for free fresh-baked goods.

  2. Decorate your store:

    A retail store that is decorated with attractive lights may create more revenue for you. People like to shop in stores that carry a holiday spirit. Why not hang a few lights, garlands, and other decorations indoors and out that make your store an attractive place to shop?

  3. Decorate your website:

    Your website is available to customer all year long. Why not treat your website like a brick-and-mortar store and decorate it as well? If you’re good with computer graphics and know some html and other website languages, you can easily create great graphics that add a holiday theme to your site. If you are completely lost with computer languages, hire a graphic artist to help with your temporary website overhaul. A decorative website can be a simple yet helpful holiday sales gimmick that results in sales.

  4. Open 24 hours:

    This holiday sales gimmick works for large and small stores alike. In fact, many malls around the country opened their doors for “midnight madness” on Thanksgiving to lure in shoppers for Black Friday. Although you may not want to stay open 24 hours a day until December 25, you might offer last-minute customers an open house from December 23 through midnight of December 24th. Providing a 24 hour shopping climate is helpful to those last-minute shoppers, as well as those who want to avoid the crowds of people during regular business hours.

  5. Free gift wrapping:

    Wrapping gifts can be a chore for many shoppers, especially men. As an easy holiday sales gimmick, you can offer free gift wrapping for items purchased at your store. Keep a good supply of wrapping paper in stock. You don’t have to offer a wide variety of papers, just as long as the few you have are attractive and festive.

  6. Offer free shipping:

    Free shipping is not only a holiday sales gimmick, but a smart sales strategy. Even if you are a brick-and-mortar shop, customers are not only buying gifts to take home, but they need items that can be shipped to loved ones across the country. Offer to handle the shipping for free with a purchase over a certain dollar amount.

Holiday sales gimmicks often translate into more sales. Take the time to consider these ideas, and your small actions may bring more shoppers to your door or website.

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