Hop on Board with GoGoFrog

GoGoFrog.com is a unique site: they let you create and host a website… but not one like you'd expect… it's a 3D webste. Check it out! It starts off feeling like you're in a game — one of those “first person shooter” video games that the kids play these days. You navigate around the site with your keyboard's arrow keys and it actually feels like you're in a room.

It's unusual, at first, but then you get used to it and it becomes fairly addictive. It's definitely something I see could change the face of interactive webmedia. But like many web revolutions, it probably has to run its typical course: used initially by a faithful few who like using it for personal communication and expression… then it expands into the larger realm of early business use and personal use for the mass populace. Finally, it will become highly commercialized. That seems to be the way the Internet has progressed (as a whole as well as in its individual parts, such as websites, blogs, social sites, podcasts, etc.) Is this the next revolution?

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