Use Deadlines to Increase Your Business Output

Deadlines. In college they were a killer! People pulled all-nighters to get things done. What were they doing earlier in the month… didn't they have time to do the same project earlier than just before it was due?

Even though we may hate deadlines, they're good for us. And if you find that you tend to put projects off until just before they are due, don't worry about it too much: deadlines can help us to focus and bear down on the task. Without deadlines, projects seem never to get done. With deadlines, our productivity increases dramatically. Putting a project off until closer to a deadline doesn't necessarily make you a procrastinator, it does recognize that you work better under pressure… which most of us do.

If you want to get your work done, create deadlines. If there is a project you have been avoiding, it's possible that it hasn't been done because there is no deadline. Create a deadline and use the pressure to help you get it done.

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