How Can a Paper Shredder Protect My Small Business?

It does not matter if you have a small business or a large one. Business secrets and personal data are important – and in the wrong hands, could cause huge losses in terms of time and money.

Read on to identify how a paper shredder can save your small business from big problems.

Protect Your Personal, Business and Financial Data

Paper shredders can covert unwanted documents to small shreds of unreadable paper. Any documents with credit card details or personal information should be put through a shredder so that they do not fall into unwanted hands after disposal.

In many cases, privacy laws dictate that businesses are responsible for any personal or financial information that they obtain. And if you don't dispose of it safely, and it is later misused as a result, you could be sued.

Your office documents should also be shredded so that they do not end up in the hands of your competitors or vengeful ex-employees.

Finding a Good Shredder

There are various shredder models available in any office supply store, or even in supermarkets.

You can buy a strip-cut paper shredder, which cuts paper into long strips; or you could purchase a cross-cut paper shredder, which is even more effective since it cuts the paper into small, horizontal and vertical pieces.

If you have a large office and produce lots of paper, you might consider buying a heavy-duty paper shredder. They can be quite expensive depending on capacity; but the money spent will be well worth it.

Most shredders are easy to maintain – and once you make it a habit of using them regularly, you can be assured that all confidential information will stay within the walls of your business.

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