Corporate Gift Giving Tips: Corporate Customer Gift & Business Gifts

If you have a small business, at some point you’ll want to give a gift to your clients. Here’s how to give corporate gifts and increase your business at the same time.

Handing out corporate gifts has now become an accepted tradition. There are various items that you can hand out to your clients and your suppliers, depending on the type of business that you have.

Ultimately, your choice of corporate gift will not only increase your goodwill, but will also help in increasing your business. Here are some tips on corporate gift giving.

Keep the Gifts Related To Your Business

Whether you are handing out key rings, mugs or pens, pick out corporate gifts with your customers or suppliers in mind – and also try to incorporate the gifts into your business. For example, if you have a car dealership, you can gift mugs with pictures or paintings of vintage cars.

You may or may not want to print your company details on your corporate gifts. Normally, in the case of promotional pens or mugs, business owners do print their business details on them; but if you are giving an exclusive gift to someone, then you can just attach your business card, gift card or a handwritten note to the gift.

Keep in Mind the Appropriate Occasion

Give out your gifts at appropriate occasions, so that it does not seem like you are trying to bribe your clients. Joyous occasions like Christmas or the celebration of a certain number of years of in business are perfect occasions to hand out corporate gifts.

One more advantage that you have is that during these occasions, you can purchase bulk items at special discounted rates.

Make a List

Compile a list of customers to whom you are planning to distribute your gifts, especially if you the gifts you are planning to give are expensive or high-end.

That way, there will not be any confusion while handing out the gifts, and you will not end up on the wrong side of a valued customer, whom you might forget to give a gift to.

Use Your Imagination in Handing Out Exclusive Gifts

If your clients are on the high-end of the corporate spectrum, or you really want to impress them, try exclusive gifts from luxury stores like Tiffany’s. The main point in handing out expensive and exclusive gifts is that your customers will appreciate and remember the gift for a very long time – and who gave it to them (you).

Think About Food Gifts

Nearly everyone loves receiving edible gifts. You give food gifts such as chocolate or fruit baskets, special cookies, and even wines or other liqueurs. For men, exclusive cigars also go over very well. However, some of these products might have a limited shelf life, and need to be distributed quickly.

Check Out Various Purchase Options

When you’re looking to buy corporate gifts, consider various options such as exclusive gift stores, catalogs and the Internet. Check out different gift options that not only look good, but also suit your budget. The price of the gifts will also depend on the quantity of the items. The larger the quantity, the lower the rate!

Plan everything in advance before deciding on the type of gifts you wish to give your customers and suppliers. Change the gifts every year to keep things interesting. A good corporate gift is a very good tool in building up your brand image in the eyes of both new and prospective customers.

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