How Case Studies Can Improve Sales

Would you make a purchase based on someone else’s positive experience with a product or service? Studies show that both consumers and professional commercial buyers make purchasing decisions based on the experience of others, whether they know them or not. It would be a shame for you to miss out on potential sales because you didn’t share case studies of clients or customers.

Case studies are more than just a testimonial. Testimonials are nice and make a great sound bite, but a case study goes into detail about a particular customer’s experience and shares a story of how your small business exceeded expectation, solved a problem, or improved a client’s life or business.

A well-written case study is a perfect opportunity to “tip the scales” in your favor with your current and potential customers. In addition, a decisive case study provides you with the leverage for further success with your business product or service.

How to Build Your Case Study Profiles

How should you write a case study? The best practice is to hire a professional writer who can author a clean, succinct, and influential case study with best grammar and writing practices.

However, whether you write your case study yourself or hire a professional, here are a few questions to ask and subjects to consider when outlining your next case study:

  • Was the case study an end-user customer or a B2B purchase? – Whether your client or customer was an individual consumer or other commercial business can have an impact on the tone and slant of your case study.
  • What problem did your product or service solve for your customer? – This is important to highlight a common problem or need so that your case study appeals to a wider client base.
  • What were the overlying issues surrounding your customer’s problem or need? – Don’t just stop at defining the problem. Expand on other issues that may have caused or have an impact on the case study’s problem
  • Did your customer try other solutions before choosing yours? – Explain how your product or service provided the perfect solution even after the case study’s subject tried other solutions. This is a great opportunity to improve your standing against your competition.

Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have benefited from case studies. Now it’s time for your business to take advantage of this smart marketing tool!

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