How Indoor Mapping Can Help Make Workplaces Safe Post COVID-19

Try these creative ways to use indoor mapping software to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your work location.
indoor mapping for office

COVID-19 has forced us to change many aspects of our daily lives this year, including our work lives. While it can be difficult for office managers and employees to deal with these changes while still doing their jobs as normal, there are solutions that can help to make this transition easier.

Indoor mapping software is one such solution.

This software is primarily used for helping people to find their way around office buildings and book rooms for conferences and meetings. However, there are many ways indoor maps that help you navigate workplaces can be repurposed to help stop the spread of coronavirus until things return to normal.

Here are 5 ways you can use indoor mapping to make workplaces safe post COVID-19.

1. Plan different routes of entry & exit

If you’re trying to limit the amount of people entering and exiting the building through similar pathways, indoor mapping can help you to provide people with alternative and differing routes for entries and exits, making it easier for employees to enter and exit the building without crossing paths.

If you already have pathways in place for this, you could also use notifications on the indoor mapping software to remind employees to exit through the doors on the left and enter from the doors on the right, for example.

2. Watch occupancy levels carefully

If you’re trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus, chances are that you’re probably looking to keep your occupancy levels down. If your building is supposed to be running at a certain capacity, it may be difficult to know exactly when you’ve reached that capacity.

Indoor mapping software, used properly, can keep tabs on how many people are currently using your building, so it’s brilliant for measuring your occupancy levels accurately and in real time.

Employees can also see the occupancy rate of rooms, assessing whether they’re able to enter and work in a room safely or if they need to find somewhere quieter.

3. Set new rules for booking meeting rooms

When your employees are going to book conference rooms for meetings during COVID and conferences, you can set limits on the number of people that can occupy those rooms while remaining socially distanced.

For instance, if your conference room can only hold 8 people while safely maintaining social distancing, the employee booking the room will need to comply with this or the booking will not be completed.

If employees break these rules, you can also point to the booking process and how it clearly states the occupancy limitations for each room.

4. Show off-limits work areas clearly

If certain rooms or desks are off-limits at your workplace, you can clearly show these no-go areas on your indoor mapping software, as well as with physical signs in the workplace.

This makes it easier for people in the office to maintain social distancing and avoid booking a desk or workstation too close to another employee.

5. Use contact tracing features

Indoor mapping software can be used for contract tracing, making it easy for people to notify coworkers if they test positive for COVID-19 or start developing symptoms of the virus.

The system can then notify anyone who sat near or shared a room with the infected person, making it easier for people to get tested and check whether they themselves have caught the virus.

While this may lead to increased staff members self-isolating at home, it’s still important for stopping the spread through your workplace.

Hopefully you enjoyed these creative ways that indoor mapping software can help prevent the spread of COVID-19! From occupancy levels to contact tracing, there’s something here for every workplace to take away.

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