How Much Commercial Air Conditioning Units Cost

Are you wondering how much commercial air conditioning units cost? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the typical prices.
commercial air conditioning units

Did you realize that preventative maintenance reduces repair costs by up to 18% and more in some cases? One of the main things you need to maintain in your commercial building is the HVAC unit. The older your HVAC unit gets, the higher the chance becomes that is will have to be replaced.

The biggest concern most business owners have when replacing commercial air conditioning units is the cost. When trying to assess the overall cost of a new HVAC unit, you have to consider a number of factors.

Below are some of the things you need to figure out before you can truly assess how much your new commercial HVAC unit will cost.

The Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Figuring out what type of replacement commercial HVAC unit you need for your business is crucial when trying to accurately assess what it will cost. Most inexperienced business owners fail to realize just how many different commercial HVAC units are on the market.

Constant Air Volume HVAC Systems

The constant air volume (CAV) system is one of the most popular options on the commercial HVAC market. These unit types consist of both multi-splint and single systems. CAV systems are very similar to residential HVAC systems because they use an outdoor compressor and an indoor air blower to cool a commercial building.

If you have a smaller commercial building, a CAV system may be the right fit. While these systems have a low cost initially, they are less energy-efficient. This means you may end up paying more for the unit in the long run.

The Variable Air Volume System

If you solely concerned with HVAC efficiency, then investing in a variable air volume (VAV) system if wise. These systems have the ability to adjust airflow based on the temperature of a room.

VAV systems feature variable speed motors, which means you will have more control over the temperature in your commercial building. Initially, you will pay more for a VAV system. However, you will save money over time due to how energy-efficient this system is.

HVAC Installation Costs Can Be Substantial

The cost of installing a new HVAC unit will also depend on the labor rate being charged by the company you have hired. There is no set standard labor price, which means the rate you pay will vary wildly based on where you live and the company you use.

If you are looking for the best possible price on commercial HVAC installation, scheduling a few consultations is a must. With the information from these consultations, you should have no problem hiring the best company for the job at hand. This can help control your business’s variable costs.

Saving Money on a New HVAC Unit Isn’t Easy

Assessing the overall cost of new commercial air conditioning units is difficult. However, with some research and the help of the right professionals, getting a new commercial unit installed for an affordable price is achievable.

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