How to Add Personal Touches to Your New Food Establishment

Whether your business is a restaurant, café, or bakery, add personal touches to make your business truly feel like yours.
personal touch to food business

Starting a business can feel very daunting and overwhelming, so it is important to make it really feel like it is your own project. Making it feel personal to you may take some of the overwhelming feeling away, because it will solidify the fact that the business is yours and you have control over it. Whether your business is a restaurant, café, bakery or any other food establishment, we have some personal touches that will make your business truly feel like yours – and create a happy customer.

Custom Crockery

Having your shop name or company logo on your crockery is a great way to make your business feel more established and to make it more personal to you and your customers. It will make your brand identity clearer, which in turn will make the business stick in the customers’ minds and make your business grow. If you are in a café business, for example, you can choose your coffee mug sizes, colors, glazes etc. with your own custom logo at Grey Fox Pottery.

Custom Menu

The great thing about having your own business is that you have the freedom to make decisions about things like the menu. To give your business a homely feel, why not include a family recipe or one of your favorite recipes? You could even rename a few of the options on the menu to give another sense of personality to the business.

You can even offer custom bags. One of our affiliate partners, Deluxe, offers affordable attractive boxes that you might like: Deluxe Bags and Boxes.

Friendly Environment

Building a relationship with your customers and having a friendly interaction will make people more likely to visit again. Building regulars in your business and making them feel at home is so important, and it will create a lovely, welcoming atmosphere too. Also, for any other extended businesses you use, like food suppliers or cleaning companies, make sure you get to know who the people you are doing business with are on a personal level. This way, you are both more likely to give each other a great service if you are friends with one another.

Accommodate for Seasonal and Occasional Events

When it is coming up to Christmas time for example, why not modify your menu slightly and add some Christmas/winter themed drinks and food? It will make customers more likely to visit when they are in the spirit of whatever holiday it is in the year. Also, another great personal touch to create in your business is to recognize someone’s birthday if they mention it. For example, if you sell cupcakes, then you could give a free cupcake to a customer when they mention that it is their birthday, or a free coffee, etc. Also, some kind of staff birthday recognition is a really great way to keep morale high among your employees.

To add personality to your business, it mainly comes down to making a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Doing this makes it more likely for customers to visit on multiple occasions if they are provided with excellent service and feel comfortable. Which tips will you try?

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