How to Child-Proof Your Home Office

How to Child-Proof Your Home Office

While you may save a lot of time and money by working from your home office, it is also essential to ensure that your home office is safe for your children.

Children are naturally very curious – and given below are some tips to ensure that your children are safe and your home office functions well.

Lock Up All Items That Could End Up In Their Mouths

Small children tend to put everything in their mouths.

Make sure you lock up tiny things such as pins, paper clips, erasers etc. in your side cabinets or drawers so that they can’t get their hands on those items.

Make Sure That Your Desk Has Rounded Edges

Your office desk and any other furniture should have rounded edges. There should not be any sharp edges in your home office that could injure your children.

Seal All Electrical Outlets

You should use dummy plugs to seal all electrical outlets so that children can’t insert their fingers or pencils into them.

The plugs should fit tightly so that only an adult can remove them.

Keep Your Computer, Coffee Maker and Printer Out Of Reach

You should shift your office equipment to a high table or desk, so that children cannot reach them.

Make sure that the cables to these machines also run at a good height, so that children cannot pull at them.

Ensure That Your Children Play Away From the Door

If your home office door opens inwards, then make sure that your children stay away from the door. Anyone walking in might invariably injure your children if he or she suddenly opens the door.

Even if you have the joy of watching your children from your home office, a little extra care is required to make sure that they stay safe.

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