Easy Content Creation to Market Your Business Effectively

Generate blogs, articles, ebooks, and guides every week without stress. This single tip is the fastest way to setup an easy content creation process, including repurposing content. You can do it with the tools you already have on your desktop. It will make your content marketing easier and more effective.
easy content creation - content creation tips

Generate blogs, articles, ebooks, and guides every week without stress. This single tip is the fastest way to set up an easy content creation process. It includes repurposing content to create videos, podcasts, and webinars. You can do it with the tools you already have on your desktop. It will make your content marketing easier and more effective.

Easy Content Creation

It’s the hallmark of content marketing: educational content helps sell more products and services. When most small businesses think of creating content, they get stuck. The process initially seems daunting. Yet easy content creation involves very simple steps that you can do at your desktop in a few minutes.

We write lots of educational content, including long and short form articles. So, having a process for easy content creation is very high on our priorities.

Here’s the process we’ve found to be the fastest way to create content that prospects and clients want to read:

  1. Make a list of the top 10 questions you get asked regularly. You can pull this from customer support requests, common questions during sales meeting, objections you hear before people purchase, and pre-sales questions from prospects.
  2. Write each question on a sticky note. Then, paste them one at a time on your computer screen next to your webcam as you do step 3 below. Keeping the sticky note near the webcam will remind you to look at the camera (i.e., the viewer) and not your screen.
  3. Turn on a webcam recorder and answer that question as if you are talking to a prospect or client. For recording, we use Screencast-O-Matic, which has a webcam option – very inexpensive, $1/month.
  4. Transcribe your recording into an article. Services like rev.com or speechpad.com can do this for about $1 per minute. You may need to do a little polishing to convert the transcribed text into a readable article.

This easy content creation process works like magic and makes content marketing much easier and faster.

Repurposing Content

Using the simple 4-step process above, you’ve now got content for numerous content marketing options. Repurposing content also allows you to post it in different media. Use it on your website, LinkedIn or Facebook page, Twitter or other social media accounts.

Examples of repurposing content:

  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Video
  • Tweets and status updates
  • Ebook or guide – assemble multiple blog posts on a particular topic
  • Podcast – just extract the audio portion of your recording
  • Content for a webinar – piece together multiple video topics, create slides and off you go

Repurposing content enables you to reach prospects and clients in different ways that will grow your business.

As a small business, these steps to easy content creation can make you look like you have an army of content producers. You’ll look like a more stable company, which can give your customers more peace of mind when they buy from you.

Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing works by showing off your expertise without overtly selling your products and services. It’s a way to sell without selling. As you create educational content, focus on helping your target market find solutions to things they are thinking about.

Effective content marketing examples:

  • Fashion or clothing business – summertime fashion trends, personal style guides, how to accessorize, do’s and don’ts of finding the right shoes for your outfit, what your dress color says about your mood.
  • Food or restaurant business – how we source our ingredients, recipes, ask the chef, catering checklist, guide for throwing a dinner party for 12, grilling year-round.
  • Software or IT business – ransomware protection guide, common ways hackers sneak into your systems, how to do a mail merge in Word, products reaching end of support this year. (Side note: if you are an IT services provider, you can get pre-written content from our MSP content library.)
  • Accounting or bookkeeping business – how long should you keep your tax returns, the implication of a new law, setting up bookkeeping for a new business.

For more ways to find topics to write about, see our free guide:


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