How to Ensure Your Office Gives the Best Impression for Visiting Clients

Your clients should always have a positive impression of your business. Here’s how to ensure your office gives the best impression for visiting clients.
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It’s always highly important that your clients have a positive, well-rounded impression of your business. While yours and your colleagues professional and friendly demeanors can go a long way here, there’s also something to be said for the office space too. Today they’re becoming more flexible, and they’re also being outfitted and furnished in more creative ways.

Still, if the workplace isn’t inviting, clients will simply not want to arrive there. This could well be enough to put them off future meetings, business deals and future collaboration.

Consequently, here’s how to ensure your office gives the best impression for visiting clients.

Temperature Control

People are very sensitive to bitter colds and sweltering heats. When clients come calling, it’s important that your business has tightly controlled temperatures in every room on every floor. That means thermostats are in great condition and commercial heating equipment operates to maximum efficiency to ensure comfort.

If it’s a rainy day outside, clients can step into your office and start to feel cosy, comfortable and dried off in a matter of moments. Conversely, if there’s a heatwave in the middle of July, they can feel cooled down and refreshed in equal time also. When you have this level of control over the office temperature, you’re creating an environment that’s better for business and more personable for visitors. Additionally, it shows you care about their wellbeing, which might work in your company’s favor when any negotiations occur, and deals need to be made. Also, consider giving your client a welcome packet to make them feel valued.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Lighting plays a big part in landing a positive impression in an office. After all, some offices are very dour; they’ll have tiny desk lamps and searing main lights only, feature muted color schemes like grays and browns, and have flat and bland carpets. While some entrepreneurs think this is formal and professional, others will perceive it to be characterless, generic and dull.

Therefore, your business could well benefit from investing in things like accent colored furniture, quirky and decorative lighting arrangements, and carpets that add a visual flare to the space. You could even erect custom artwork or murals on the walls that will emphasize an extra dash of the company’s personality. Get creative, because thinking outside of the box will always impress a client!

An Open Plan

Some offices are cluttered and impossible to navigate. Desks are arranged in a truly baffling fashion, and there’re numerous trip hazards on the floors; running cables, jutted out chairs and boxes, etc. Certain workplace plans even mean that workers need to zigzag between objects from door to door, which of course doesn’t show a great deal of foresight or common sense.

Try to have an open plan in the office, and one that means that anyone in the office can get from point A to point B very easily. For example, you could create a walkway through the centre of the office by the way you arrange the desks either side of the office. This way, visiting clients can walk down the middle of the room and pass by all the workers at their desks, saying hello or merely witnessing the high level of workplace productivity the business has.


These days, a workplace needs to communicate a distinct personality. It shows that the company isn’t full of mindless drones, but individuals who have wants and likes, with a clear sense of the business’s identity. Once clients witness this, it will entice them to work more closely with the firm.

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