6 Ways You Can Promote Workplace Productivity

You depend on your employees to help your small business thrive, but when your staff productivity slumps, so does your business – and ultimately your bottom line.

How can you improve workplace motivation and increase employee productivity? Here are 6 great tips on how you can start improving employee productivity today.

  1. Cosmetic Improvements to Your Workplace

    Simple changes in the work environment can result in greater employee productivity. Here are some cosmetic tips:

    • Hang wall art that promotes relaxation.
    • Improve lighting.
    • Paint your office walls with neutral or colors that stimulate creativity and relaxation rather than anxiety.
    • Offer comfortable places to relax like a relaxing break room or even a small courtyard with flowers and shrubs where employees can get fresh air.
    • Offer ergonomic furniture that prevents repetitive injuries and improves posture.
  2. Encourage Employee Development

    Workers like to know that they are improving their knowledge and increasing their chances for career advancement. Offer opportunities for employees to learn more and step outside their comfort zone. Here are some tips:

    • Offer a tuition reimbursement program for college level courses pertaining to the employee’s job.
    • Encourage and even pay for business seminar attendance.
    • Cross train employees so everyone is familiar with other business processes.
  3. Grant Employee Autonomy and Creativity

    Employees like to know that they are trusted to do their jobs with minimal supervision. Provide an environment where employees can take initiative in their jobs. An example might be giving a customer service employee approval to spend up to $50 at his or her discretion to improve or mend a customer complaint.

    Remember that employees are your greatest asset. Their ideas and innovations can help improve your business. Encourage them to offer suggestions that will improve company processes, save money, and even earn new streams of revenue.

  4. Reward Liberally

    Never hesitate to publicly thank an employee or reward a staff member for a job well done. Even little rewards such as a $10 gift card to Starbucks can help improve employee productivity and provide a “carrot” for others to work toward.

  5. Establish Clear Job Duties

    Nothing hurts productivity more than an employee who doesn’t know what she is supposed to achieve in her job role. Be sure to write clear job descriptions, goals, and job duties for every position in your workplace. Employees will then have a clear path to achieve the desired results.

  6. Allow a Little Social Networking

    You may be surprised to learn that allowing a little web surfing can improve productivity by an average of 9%, according to a 2009 Australian study. Researchers at the University of Melbourne found that workers who spend no more than 20% of their time updating social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were on average 9% more productive. So it might pay to let employees relax their minds for short periods during the workday, as they may become even more productive.

    Improving productivity in the workplace can happen immediately. Take the time to consider these tips, and brainstorm other strategies that could help improve your employee productivity.