How to Make the Most of Your Press Release

How to Make the Most of Your Press Release

Getting your company’s name mentioned in any press release will give your small business a lot of publicity. It also gives it authenticity and respectability.

Below are some steps that can help your business get more out of each and every press release.

Use Your Contacts

If you have a friend that works for a magazine or newspaper, then use that resource. Find out if they are genuinely interested in your company’s details or any breakthroughs that you might have achieved.

This arrangement could work both ways, as you would get your press release printed, and the magazine or newspaper would get an exclusive story in return.

Hire A PR Agency

You could also hire a PR [Public Relations] agency. They could use their contacts and arrange interviews, or even get press releases from you and forward them to newspapers or magazines and get them printed.

However, hiring a PR Agency is an expensive proposition, so make sure that you expect to get much more in the way of profits and publicity than what you would be spending.


Alternatively, you could get the names of prominent magazines and newspapers in your field from a media guide or the Internet. You can then follow up by calling the person who is handling the press release department and inquire about the status of your release.

This method is more difficult and time consuming; but if you don't have any other choice, then it's the only way to go.

Try the above methods to ensure that your press release does the job it was meant to do in the first place.