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How to Support an Employee’s Return to Work After an Injury

As an employer, you must always make sure that you know how to properly support an employee when they return to work after an injury. You need to be sympathetic and understand that they may not be able to dive straight back in, so knowing the best way to support those returning to work is vital.

Research Into Injured Workers

Medical negligence and compensation advice specialists the National Accident Helpline research the impact that an accident or injury can have on people in relation to their return to work. The research revealed some serious statistics that employers need to keep in mind if they have somebody that has to take time off as a result of an injury.

Concerns About Returning to Work After Injury

The research found that as many as 63% of people worried about returning to work after an injury with as many as 57% concerned about losing their job altogether. On top of this, 60% found that they had been unable to perform certain tasks after returning to work so clearly this is a concern for employees but also employers.

Mental Health

As you might expect, this can lead to mental health issues which only make the recovery process much harder. A shocking 72% of people that had an accident said that their mental health suffered as a result with 62% stating that it had taken longer to recover from the mental health aspect than expected.

Communication Is Key

So, what can you do to help staff to come back to work and to make this as easy as possible for them? Perhaps the most important step to take is to maintain good communication throughout the recovery period. Going through an injury can be traumatic enough, but if you then do not speak to your boss while recovering then this can certainly trigger feelings of stress and anxiety. You need to speak to them regularly, reassure them about their role and discuss what would be helpful for them in terms of returning to work.

Staggered Return to Work

The best way to help someone back to work when the time is right is with a staggered return. This might mean coming in just for a few hours a few days a week to start with and gradually building this up. Additionally, you should limit their workload to the essential tasks and see if there are any adjustments that can be made to accommodate for them.

Accidents and injuries from common workplace accidents can take their toll on employees in more ways than one and it is important that you are aware of this as an employer. You will want your staff to return as quickly as possible, but you should never rush them and always be sensitive as the statistics show just how hard it can be to return to work after an injury.

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