Is Your Presentation Material Polished?

Do you have a good lead system, but can’t seem to translate those leads into sales? Many small business owners have a great advertising system, but focus so much of their efforts into creating catchy ads that they spend little time on follow up materials. Getting leads is great, but if you can’t reel them in with your sales pitch and presentation material, then advertising dollars are wasted.

The general mindset is that small business owners feel their products or services speak for themselves. If they gain interest from a potential client through an ad, then the rest is just sealing the deal. However, a one-on-one meeting with multiple unrelated printouts or a website stuffed with unorganized information is simply not enough.

What do you need for a good follow-up sales pitch? Here are some essentials:

  • PowerPoint – If you will make a sales pitch about your service or product, put it together in a well-organized PowerPoint presentation. Use no more than 15 to 20 slides. Keep each slide’s information brief and succinct. This will help you communicate the benefits of your product or service.
  • Product Sample – Try to bring a sample of your product. Show how it works with a demonstration. Seeing the product in action gives your potential customer a hands-on experience that can solidify a buying decision.
  • Brochures and Handouts – This is where a lot of sales are lost. A poorly-written handout or sloppy brochure will not impress your potential client. Be sure your handout materials are written with professional sales copy in mind. Design them to look professional. If you have multiple handouts, consider combining everything, including PowerPoint printouts, brochure, and handouts, all into one little booklet.

Every piece of presentation material should represent your business in a professional style. Don’t rely on a simple 8-1/2 X 11 printout. Have your presentation material professionally written, designed, and printed. The colors, images, and themes you use should represent your type of business. Be creative if you’re an artist or designer. Keep it conservative if you’re in financial advising. Having your professional set of follow-up presentation material will help assure that your lead conversion rate increases.

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