Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Site’s Online Ranking

Link building techniques are effective ways to help boost your site's organic search engine ranking. Find out how you can get more sites to link back to you.

One of the most effective ways to increase your site’s ranking on search engine result pages is through link building. Social bookmarking, article marketing, and directory submissions are the most commonly cited link building techniques. Listed below are a few other great techniques that can help in improving your link building campaign.

Review products

Epinions, Google Shopping and Amazon are a few sites that make use of user reviews to make their products socially acceptable. You will come across many sites which allow the reviewers to leave a link back to their website. Essentially, the more reviews you write, the more links you will be able to generate.

Release coupon codes

In the post recession era, coupon code sites have become very popular amongst consumers. These sites see a lot of visitors who are trying to get the best possible deals on their purchases. Businesses can release coupon codes and feature them on such sites and in turn get a link back to their site.

Use public libraries

Search engines know that public libraries have some of the most extensive collections of links on the Internet. So, it should not surprise you that search engines often give these links more importance. If you are able to list your website on a public library, it could derive huge benefits from an SEO point of view.

To begin with, you should do some research about the local libraries to learn about the potential they have for generating links. Look for referenced links or link categories which are relevant to your website. You can request the librarian to link to your website, if your site actually fits into a category. However, never try to force your site into a list and never try to link to your affiliate website.

Become a guest speaker

If you keep focusing on the Internet, then you may miss out on other opportunities that can help you in your link building plans. For instance, you can give a presentation at a local university covering your industry niche. If the advertisement aspect of the presentation was good, then you will find a lot of backlinks coming from local publications and news sources.

Create an app

Building an app is never easy. It requires lot of time and effort and the results may not always be what you want. So before you start creating an app, you should do some research. Look at the apps that are doing well in the Android and iPhone market. Then find a developer who will help you in developing an app for your business. If you are able to create something that is liked by the users, you will find many review sites providing links to your site.

Provide giveaways for backlinks

One of the easiest ways to get a large number of backlinks is by hosting a giveaway. An example of a giveaway is an iTunes gift card. You can ask for a backlink from a site in exchange for the gift card. Usually, outrageous and goofy promotions tend to get more attention and have a higher chance of going viral. Giving away a car or a similar item may earn you a lot of backlinks, even though it might not be the most feasible idea.

Use old-fashioned tactics

If you are trying to get links from some sites with high page rank, you should try some old fashioned tactics. You can ask the owner of the site out for a dinner and ask for a link back to your site when appropriate. However, this works only for local businesses and if you know the owner of the site personally.

List job opportunities

This option works really well for those who want to expand their business. When you post a job listing, you will find hundreds of backlinks to your site. This is because job listings are associated with numerous job portals, which can generate a large number of links.

Join trade organizations for your industry

There are two benefits of joining an industry trade organization. The first one is that you get links back to your site, and the second one is that it increases your perceived authority. You will have to shell out a fee for joining such organizations but this fee is comparable to what you will have to pay for paid directory links. Through these organizations, you may also be able to generate leads from people who are interested in your professional profile.

You can choose any of the methods mentioned above or you can go for the traditional methods. But the important thing is to remember that link building requires long-term commitment. Also, do not try to implement all the strategies at once. Your aim should be to add a few links every month and that should translate to results in the course of time.

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