Manage Your Global Business Easier With These 9 Services 

Global businesses are the most efficient path to success. Read about these exceptional 9 services to manage your global business easier.
manage your global business easier

From starting in your garage to going global in no time: it’s happening more and faster than ever. Running an international business has become more a norm than an exception, thanks to the acceptance of remote work, people working across borders more easily, and an intertwined internet.

But most management books from way back when don’t account for a business setup like that. It can be grossly overwhelming to figure out how to effectively manage your global business easier, especially if part of it works remotely.

From managing cross-border logistics to navigating cultural nuances – it’s a complex world, but there are plenty of services that help you find your way in it.

In this article, you will find a list of services and tools that are helping entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, and business owners streamline all these complexities, freeing up their time to focus on what matters most.

Let’s kick this off with a reminder of why global businesses need to outsource some parts or at least need to hire expert services to keep things up and running. Then we’ll take you on a tour of seven indispensable services that will transform the way you run your global business.

Why Global Businesses Need To Rethink Their Service Providers

Traditional business models are outdated, if not obsolete. The world has transformed and continues to do so, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all by yourself.

The transformation is fueled by the ease of access to international markets, which is great in many aspects. But with increased opportunity comes increased complexity, too.

Some of the challenges you may encounter due to this are:

  • Keeping up with international compliance
  • Managing remote hiring processes
  • Making sure financial management is correct in every country
  • Ensuring employees are engaged and equipped wherever they are

Luckily, there’s an entire industry dedicated to helping you tackle these issues.

So when it comes to service providers and tools, ask yourself whether they are the right fit for a global organization. Your needs will be more specific, and you might require more support. The tools below can offer just that, and then some.

1. A Central Data Portal

Data is at the core of every company nowadays, but the bigger you grow, the messier it can get.

You need a system that is

  • Easy to use
  • Specialized in your industry
  • And integrates seamlessly

Sana Commerce is a prime example of an all-in-one e-commerce solution in the data corner. You can integrate Sana with Dynamics Business Central, and get real-time insights all in a secure, cloud-based solution that your entire business will benefit from.

The right data solution helps improve efficiency, minimizes manual errors, and helps you create exceptional, personalized customer experiences.

2. Remote Hiring Tools

The best teams are built across borders. But as exciting as that is, it can also seem complicated. Who can work where? What types of contracts can you give? How do you set up payroll?

Employer of Record (EOR) Services help simplify this process. They handle all employment-related tasks—such as contracts, benefits, and payroll—freeing you up to focus on the operational aspects of your business.

​​In addition to leveraging EOR services, another valuable tool for hiring remote employees is RemoteWokr. RemoteWokr is a leading remote job board that connects employers with a diverse pool of talented candidates specifically looking for remote work opportunities.

To hire remote employees, consider utilizing RemoteWork as a remote job board alongside partnering with an EOR service. This combined approach enables you to access a wide talent pool of remote professionals while entrusting the EOR service with employment-related responsibilities.

3. Services for Maintaining Meaningful Connections

Now you’ve got your remote team gathered; it’s crucial to keep them connected. Because an engaged team, is a productive team.

A great service to consider is Workplace from Meta. Think Facebook, but for businesses. It provides a platform that fosters connection, collaboration, and engagement among employees.

Workplace integrates with the existing tools your business uses, facilitating seamless collaboration. It provides features such as groups for team collaboration, video calling for face-to-face interaction, and live video broadcasts for company-wide announcements. This helps create a sense of community, keeps your team aligned on common goals, and promotes a positive work culture, no matter where your employees are located.

4. Travel Services

No need to stay in one place anymore. Business travel is back, but the current state of the market can make it challenging to find flights and hotels that justify your business trips.

With a tool like TravelPerk, you don’t need to worry about that. TravelPerk helps businesses manage all their travel in one place. From booking business travel flights to expense reporting, this service is crucial for companies with frequent international travel needs that want to save money and time.

5. International Compliance Services

To be fair, for your legal team, going global is a nightmare. Every country has different laws in different languages, and making sure you’re compliant everywhere can be anxiety-inducing for a small team. That’s why this is a great thing to outsource.

And there are plenty of providers out there. Services like Vistra offer global compliance management solutions, ensuring your business stays on the right side of the law, no matter where you operate.

6. Cross-Border Financial Management

Just like legal, your finance team will likely also need some help. Mistakes in these fields can be expensive. Make sure everyone has the support they need – investing in supporting services like payment solutions is almost always cheaper than dealing with fines or other faults.

Start easy with a payment platform like Veem, specifically designed for businesses that need to make a lot of international payments. It simplifies the process of sending and receiving international payments, providing a more efficient alternative to traditional banking systems.

7. Customer Support Services

Having clients all across the globe is great – hello, massive market opportunities. But also: hello, complicated customer support.

Not only will you encounter a language barrier or two, but you’ll also need to be available around the clock. Consider tools like Zendesk or Conectys to keep up with incoming requests in the languages your customers speak.

8. Localization Services

Speaking of languages – how are you handling translations? From ads to landing pages and from FAQs to product descriptions – writing them in the right language and the right tone for each audience makes all the difference in the world.

Go beyond translation and start looking into localization services. Services like TransPerfect offer localization solutions to ensure your business communication and content resonate with local markets.

9. Global Market Research Services

Understanding global markets is key to running a successful global business. Cultural differences, trends in specific regions, competitive analysis, and more: international market research requires specialist services.

From Attest for launching your own surveys to Statista for reliable resources and secondary research, work with tools and partners that can connect you with audiences and data in all the markets that matter to you.

How To Choose the Right Services for Your Global Business

Investing in all these tools at once might not be feasible right away. So, start with identifying the right services for you, right now.

Are you struggling with managing international transactions, and is this frustrating to employees or customers? Are you in need of more remote talent, but can’t seem to attract the right people? Or does your current remote team seem to be checked out and disengaged?

Identify your pain points and prioritize them by looking at how they affect your client relationships, as well as your employee retention rates – after all, you will need people to manage your business.

Based on that list, start looking for partners and services that are easy to get started with, and fix the flaws in your current process. Research their reputation, prices, and compatibility with other parts of your business.

Going Global Is Possible for Every Type of Business

Ambitious businesses in every corner of the world are taking the global market by storm – no matter what size they are. The key is to outsource the right elements of your business and double down on your strengths. Hopefully, this list has given you a clear vision of what your next steps can be, across borders!

FAQs About Services To Manage Your Global Business

What Are Some Essential Tools for Managing a Global Business?

Tools like Sana Commerce, Employer of Record Services, and TravelPerk are all essential in managing different aspects of a global business, from client communication to hiring and data management.

How Can I Streamline My Global Business Operations?

You’ll want to consider services that assist with client management, remote hiring, international compliance, cross-border financial management, customer support, and localization. Additionally, data management, project management, and time zone management tools can be highly beneficial.

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