Business Taxes

The Guide to Tax Filing Deadlines

Never miss a tax deadline again. Take advantage of our helpful guide that outlines all of the tax deadlines and extensions to help you meet all of your filing requirements.

Your Home Office: A Source of Tax Deductions

Many small business owners are missing a major tax deduction: their home office. Read this article to learn about the restrictions and guidelines that can allow you to fully deduct your home office space.

4 Ways to Stay Ahead of New Business Tax Laws

Tax laws can be confusing, especially with the constantly changing stipulations for business filings. Learn where and how to get information about new business tax laws to ensure your company is poised for the most tax benefits.

Business Licenses: Which Type Do You Need?

Believe it or not, many small business owners neglect to obtain the necessary licenses that allow them to legally operate their business in the city or town in which they live. This is a serious mistake.

How to Take Advantage of Business Tax Breaks and Tax Cuts

It seems as though, every year, there is a lot of coverage in the media in regards to government focuses on things like tax breaks and tax cuts. While there is a general idea out there that tax breaks and cuts are a good thing, not many people really understand what they mean or how they apply to them.

How to File your Corporate Taxes

Once the Season of Giving has passed, it is time for small businesses to start focusing on the Season of Taking, also known as tax time.