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A marketing coach trains your team to develop and execute a marketing strategy to drive sales. Here's what to expect from our marketing coaching.
marketing coach

A marketing coach trains, guides and empowers your team to develop and execute a robust marketing strategy that drives sales. Here’s what to expect from a good marketing coach, plus an overview of what you can expect from’s marketing coach services.

Smart Marketing Is Critical to Growing Your Business

Good marketing makes sales easier.

Marketing is one of the essential pillars of your business. Without an effective marketing strategy, you risk targeting the wrong prospects and losing new opportunities to sell your products and services. It directly affects your bottom line and your long-term sustainability.

Growing your business involves much more than brand development, offering products and services, and managing operations. A well thought out strategy that ties in buyer personas, buyer journeys, keyword research, educational marketing, and enticing call-to-actions can generate an avalanche of qualified leads.

How can you develop a robust marketing strategy, and should you seek help from a marketing coach (or an executive leadership coach)? This guide explores the role of a marketing coach and helps you determine whether you need one for your marketing team. 

What Is a Marketing Coach?

Good marketing makes sales easy Marketing coaches work with business owners to identify their target audience and recommend marketing strategies that incorporate their business goals and objectives. They help you and your team build the skillset to generate qualified leads and move them through your sales process.

A good marketing coach develops a step-by-step action plan with you to achieve these goals. They can also guide you on things you may be doing that are hindering your growth and help you stay on track as you develop and execute your marketing plan. 

Moreover, a coach can suggest marketing techniques, tools, programs, and offer professional help to make the most of these assets. You can also work with them to develop long-term plans for your business and sustain growth. 

The Difference between Marketing Coach and a Marketing Consultant

Marketing coaches are often confused with marketing consultants. The key difference is deliverables vs. training. Let’s take a closer look.  

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do? 

A marketing consultant is typically hired for a specific deliverable. It is usually based on a project. For instance, you may seek their help in:

  • Generating a market report
  • Developing a strategy and identifying tactics
  • Implementing projects

They can work with your team, but for the most part, they do a majority of the work independently. You can also provide a consultant with your inputs and have the deliverable tailored to your requirements.

What Does a Marketing Coach Do? 

Like a sports coach, a marketing coach teaches you and your team what to. They can: 

  • Help you set up marketing processes, including demand generation
  • Guide you on critical functions and what steps to take and when 
  • Teach you how to utilize marketing tools 
  • Identify tactics that supplement your marketing plan 
  • Offer advice on marketing costs and how to reduce them 

A marketing coach’s ultimate goal is to make your team self-sufficient so they can develop effective marketing strategies on their own.

marketing coach Their role differs significantly from a marketing consultant in this regard. You can expect a marketing consultant to provide you with a specified deliverable. On the other hand, a coach will show you the ropes and help your team improve so that your business may thrive in the future. 

Hiring a marketing coach can deliver long-term benefits. They train your team to become more capable, which is very cost-efficient. It’s also important to remember that your team is a valuable asset in itself. A competent team will help you gain an edge over the competition and continue to perform amid new business challenges. In the case of a marketing consultant, the benefits are short-term. However, you may choose to work with them recurrently or indefinitely.

What Are Some Examples of Marketing Coaching Topics?

Marketing coaches can help startups and established businesses alike. You can hire them as a dedicated resource for building and training your marketing team. Furthermore, you can also arrange workshops allowing your team to develop their skills and benefit from a valuable resource. They can serve as a fresh pair of eyes and provide you with a new direction for your marketing efforts. 

A marketing coach can also offer objective advice on tackling new marketing challenges and market your products and services in a more powerful way. 

Some examples of marketing coaching workshops include:

  • Developing a unique selling proposition/unique marketing message
  • How do strategic alliances work?
  • Understanding and leveraging search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Creating affordable direct mail campaigns
  • How to conduct effective competitor research?
  • Creating an ultimate client profile
  • Developing and implementing a cost-efficient marketing mix
  • Can you reduce your marketing budget by 50% and double its effectiveness?
  • How can guerilla marketing help a small business?
  • What is your digital marketing philosophy?
  • Introduction to social media marketing and branding

Building Your Marketing Team

If you are building your marketing team, you’ll need to define marketing roles and positions applicable to your business. For example, if you need a team for online marketing, you might need to fill roles like:

  • Team lead digital marketing strategies for small business
  • Website designer 
  • Website developer 
  • Content creator 
  • Graphic designer 
  • SEO specialist 
  • Data analytics expert 
  • Social media marketing specialist 
  • Demand generation manager

Besides this, you might need a brand manager, public relations manager, product marketing manager, campaign manager, etc.

executive coaching services For small businesses, many of these roles can be done by a few individuals or a small marketing team. In fact, many companies use a seasoned marketing coach to train the team. This is a far less expensive approach, especially for mindful budgets, and provides immense value to the business.

You can also hire a marketing coach to supplement your team. They can work directly with the team lead or the business owner to define marketing strategies and activities that complement business goals. 

Once a strategy is in place, they can coach your team and guide them on the best way to execute it. They can also help you set up KPIs and benchmarks for success. You can use these to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities and improve them. Marketing Coach Services

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Examples of Results

Here’s a sampling of past projects.

  • Turned around a stagnant content and product marketing effort into a lead generating machine, including creating and hosting webinars that attract 300-500 registrants (in some cases 900-1000) every 2-4 weeks compared to sporadic webinars a few times a year that used to attract only 50-60 existing clients.
  • Streamlined numerous operational and marketing processes, including demand generation which increased qualified meetings with enterprise prospects from 10 per month to 3 or more per day.
  • Grew partnership program with that made the client their #1 revenue-generating partner for wealth data analytics. Incorporated business storytelling into sales culture.
  • Architected an account expansion strategy that is on track to generate an additional $1 million in sales from previously flat customer accounts. Created sales enablement process to increase client retention by 10%.
  • Increased Top 10 SEO rankings from 155 to over 500 while generating an overall increase in Top 100 rankings from 1,900 to 6,300 in two years; boosted social media footprint from 11,000 to 62,000 followers. Created a series of blogs, guides and marketing funnels to support continued growth in thought leadership.
  • Inspire, manage and mentor multiple teams across different departments in 3 continents to drive feature innovation, customer experience, new revenue growth and expansion of existing accounts.

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