Marketing Messages – Don't Confuse Your Customers

Marketing Messages – Don't Confuse Your Customers

Your customers are undoubtedly the most crucial elements of your business. In order to meet sales targets and keep your business profitable, you need to keep in constant touch with customers, keeping them informed about your latest products and services.

However, many small business owners tend to complicate the process a bit, eventually rendering sales methods ineffective. In many cases, the primary reason is because you provide your customers with information that is too much for them to handle.

The key to effective marketing strategy lies in effective communication.

Clear And Simple Messages

The vast majority of people have a limited capacity to deal with information that is greatly influenced by several other factors. They may already have a thousand other different things going on in their mind, which makes it all the more difficult for them to absorb all of your information.

It will help if you convey your message with key points and simple instructions. Research shows that on an average, an individual can handle only seven bits of information at a time.

Another key to effective communication lies in drawing the attention of your customers to what you say. This is essential, as their mind may be pondering over many other things.

One Action At A Time

Besides keeping your messages simple, clear and limited to seven bits of information at a time, it will also prove to be helpful if you are able to make them focus on one action at a time. It is also essential that the action you want them to take be stated in very specific terms. Avoid offering them too many options as this will only confuse them further, and consequently make for ineffective communication and marketing.

When it comes to sales and marketing messages, the name of the game is KISS — Keep it Short and Simple.

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