Free Online Advertising: Tips For Your Online Ads

Online advertising is the newest media tool, enabling companies to really make a difference in sales. Many companies are now spending more and more money on conventional media, while they completely overlook the potential of the Internet as an advertising outlet. Consumer and business advertising online can be a great medium for effective branding in the market.

The core of online advertising is acquiring an understanding of the experience that customers want and then finding ways to improve it. The goal of Internet advertising is to drive more customers to your website, to get them to visit your location or make a call about your products or services. The best thing is that it can be very low cost. In fact it is totally free, especially if you advertise by sending out a newsletter or swap links with other sites. In other cases, it can cost anywhere between $100 and $3,000 per month to advertise on popular sites, depending on the ad type.

An area of advertising skill that is often overlooked is copywriting. A picture, they say, speaks louder than a thousand words. On the other hand, a single well- chosen phrase can stir up deep emotions creating a profound effect on the reader – and motivate a “buy” decision.

Online Advertising With Incentives

While most offline advertising is being used as a means to drive customers to websites, some firms are trying online ads like banners, pay-per-click ads and pop-ups. There are e-newsletters, websites, search engines and online versions of newspapers and magazines, which are all good ways of reaching people who shop or gather information online.

On the whole, the same design and content requirements apply to online ads as to more traditional forms of advertising. So much so, that an existing print ad can actually be duplicated as is, in an online version – as long as a link to the website is included. Elements like color, artistic fonts, ad size and ad message play the same elemental role in enhancing the visibility of the ad and the response to it.

Keep your ad content concise and clear and try to relate it to an elemental, basic emotion or situation likely to be shared by the consumers that you are trying to reach. Just a company logo on a banner is not enough to get people to click and buy. Enhance your ad with a message that will register with your target market (hopefully you’ve done your research and will know how to do this). Unlike a radio listener or a TV viewer, the online customer is probably already focused on something else and pays scant attention when your ad appears. That’s why online ads need to have that extra appeal. They also need to be placed where your target market segment will see them. You should formulate your ad according to demographics like age, gender, hobbies, income, education and so on. No matter what you are selling, you must send a message that resonates with your customers.

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