8 Part-Time Business Ideas for Students to Earn Extra Income

Looking to earn extra income? These part-time business ideas for students can help create a steady stream of money flowing into your pocket.
part-time business ideas for students

Starting your own business is an opportunity to transform your ambitions and energy into a stable income. Such activities can be incredibly beneficial for students and working professionals alike. But the question that is almost always there is – what kind of business should you start? Take a look at these trending part-time business ideas for students.

Part-Time Business Ideas for Students

To help you answer this question, we have gathered the top 8 trending part-time business ideas that have already taken over the market and continue growing.

1. Essay Writing Service

One of the most impressive part-time business ideas for students that took over the world in almost no time is essay writing. With the growing number of students and a growing academic load, the appearance of professional essay writing services became a game-changer for millions of students out there. Such companies offer young people specialized academic assistance from experienced writers. And it keeps gaining momentum.

If you are a student looking to start a business, you can use this idea as your starting point. And, even if you don’t really want to get into the essay writing market, you could at least use it to your benefit. You can get academic paper help by WritePaper to save more time for your entrepreneurial activity and achieve success with ease. WritePaper will give you an opportunity to plan and grow your startup without harming your grades.

2. e-Commerce

The next awesome opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs is offered by e-commerce. In the past decade, e-commerce has grown significantly and has become one of the largest industries. Then, thanks to the growth of tools like Fulfillment By Amazon and Shopify, e-commerce became available to everyone. With such tools, even a beginner can get on the market and start selling products of all types, be it books, clothing, accessories, or anything else.

A few big drawbacks of this industry for student entrepreneurs, in particular, are that: 1) it requires some investment at the initial stages, which can be a significant challenge for young brands, and 2) the success of e-commerce startups depends a lot on the work of global supply chains, which were not in their best condition lately. 

3. Online Courses

It shouldn’t surprise you as a student that e-learning is gaining momentum now. This industry was valued at $250 billion in 2020, and now it is expected to reach a whopping $1 trillion by 2027. And e-learning courses seem to be trending the most.

Industry experts, freelancers, influencers, and other ambitious creators are now developing their own online courses to get into this market. So, if you feel like there is some knowledge or skills that you could share with the world, starting online lessons and courses is a good startup opportunity to consider.

Note that you don’t have to teach something academic. You can create online courses that share your knowledge about a hobby or other skill. There is an insatiable market for good online courses, which can generate a steady income stream for you.

4. Online Teaching

Speaking about the rapid growth of the e-learning industry, it is impossible not to mention the popularity of online teaching and tutoring these days. Starting a small business in this medium isn’t hard today. Many online platforms are designed to connect online tutors with students worldwide. And the opportunities for teaching are endless. Namely, you could teach languages, arts, and pretty much any other subject or skill you possess.

5. Freelancing

Just a few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that specialists across different mediums could go online and start making money from home. Today, though, freelancing is a popular business model that continues expanding. These days, over 30% of the global workforce (nearly 1.1 billion) are freelancers. Moreover, according to stats, this industry already contributes a whopping $23.16-$42.9 trillion to the global economy every year.

There are many benefits of freelancing. Yet, one of the best things about this kind of startup is that it doesn’t require any initial investment. At the same time, it can bring a stable income and an opportunity to be your own boss.

6. Content Creation

Another business field that grows at lightning speed is content creation. From the very start of social networks, there always have been people who focused on creating content. But, in the last five years, this market has really taken over the world. Moreover, it is predicted to continue growing at an impressive CARG of 12%.

In 2022, this industry will be valued at $14.9 billion. But, in 2032, it is expected to reach $47.2 billion. So, if you need a promising yet simple idea for a student business, content creation such as writing blogs or making videos for companies is definitely worth looking at.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Just a few decades ago, it was hard to imagine big-named brands paying their consumers to promote their products. But, these days, over 80% of businesses do have affiliate programs. They will be happy to pay you for the new sales you generate for them through referral links.

Affiliate marketing has also taken over the market and, now, is seen as a profitable business model that doesn’t require much investment. So, for students looking for an additional source of income, it could be an excellent opportunity.

8. Food Delivery Service

Food delivery isn’t a new business idea. Yet, in the past five years, it has skyrocketed. According to statistics, the food delivery market revenue was only $8.7 billion, with nearly 66 million Americans using it. Five years later, in 2020, the industry revenues have crossed the point of $26 billion and 110 million users.

Without any doubt, the long-term global pandemic played a key role in the expansion of this market. But, it doesn’t seem to slow down. Food delivery is expected to reach $43 billion by 2025. So, if you are looking for a cool part-time business idea for students, launching a service like that is fast start.

All these options are fantastic if you’re trying to pay for college, just make sure that if you need aid you know how to write a financial aid appeal letter to request this kind of aid if needed.

The Bottom Line

Finding a good business idea can seem like a tough one. But the truth is that these days, there are already so many great and time-tested ideas that you can adopt for your student startup.

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All ideas we shared with you here have already taken over the market and keep gaining momentum. They all are rather simple to implement. Give them a shot to see what will work for you!

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