How to Jump Into the Wonderful World of Bouncy Party Rentals

Bouncy parties for kids are growing in popularity. Here’s how you can get started owning your own bouncer party rental business.

Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion, or just a festive holiday, bouncer parties for children have become a very popular offering. You can start your own bouncer party rental business to provide portable jumper fun in your area.

Inflatable bouncer toys come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from enclosed bouncy rooms to slides, bouncing games, and more. These easily transportable, inflatable toys can offer you a great part time business opportunity as a bouncer party rental business.

Skills Required: Networking and marketing savvy, keen business sense.

Becoming a part time bouncer party rental business does not require special training. Becoming a small business owner does require you to have sound business sense to develop marketing strategies, cash flow strategies, and general operation planning.

You will also need to be trained in how to store, set up, and operate each inflatable. You can most likely get detailed instructions from the inflatable toy company you use to purchase your equipment.

Startup Expenses: $2,500 – $7,000

Though your initial investment is low, you will need some capital for starting a bouncer party rental business. You will need equipment, transportation, marketing tools, business license, and general office equipment.

  • Equipment – Each inflatable piece will cost between about $1,500 and $5,000. To give you an idea of costs, a normal castle inflatable bouncer costs around $2,500. You can decide how many you want to purchase initially.
  • Transportation – You will need a vehicle with space to transport your inflatable equipment. If you do not wish to purchase a new or used small truck (estimated at around $20,000 or more), you can choose to simply rent a truck each time you have a party rental scheduled.
  • Marketing tools – Get your business cards, flyers, letterhead, brochures printed for your initial marketing efforts. A full package of marketing materials may cost you around $500 from a neighborhood printing shop.
  • Business license – Check with your local and regional requirements for business licensing. A general business license may cost around $20 to $50.

Monthly Revenue: $400 – $4,000 per month

Your revenue depends on how many parties you wish to schedule each week and how many pieces of inflatable equipment you own. Each inflatable rental for your bouncer party business can rent for $100 to $250 for a 4-hour rental. For instance, if you own two inflatable pieces and rent for $250 each just one day a week, you could earn $2,000 each month.

Monthly Expenses: $200 – $1,000

Your overhead expenses are minimal. However, you will need the following:

  • Business liability insurance – You must insure your business for liability. Generally monthly costs are about $100 to keep you protected.
  • Truck rental – If you rent a truck for each scheduled party rental, you might expect to pay about $100 for each rental or about $400 a month.
  • Marketing – You should continually market your bouncy party rental business. You can choose your marketing budget, but generally expect to pay around $400 to $1,000 a month to keep bringing in business.

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