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5 Tips for the Perfect Sales Pitch

Small businesses are not always about opening a retail store and hanging the “OPEN’ sign. Many small business owners have service products or provide B2B products that require a sales pitch to prospective customers. However, forming the perfect sales pitch requires a strategic hand, practice, and some creativity. Here are five tips that can help you form the perfect sales pitch.

  1. Know Your Audience and Their Goals

    Every pitch you make needs to be custom-designed for the audience. You can design a boilerplate pitch or a template, but you must add the necessary individual ingredients that make it pertinent to the audience.

    Do some research. Find out more about the company. What are their goals? What do they wish to achieve? What do they sell? Use this information when writing the perfect pitch so yours will be customized to your specific audience.

  2. Solve the Problem

    The goal of the perfect sales pitch is to make sale, but a potential client will only become an actual client when your product or service fits a business need. You must find that need, make it the problem, and solve it.

    Do you offer a product that will make a client’s production faster? Can you make it more efficient? Will you help them save money? Find out what the client needs and then design the perfect sales pitch to solve that problem for them.

  3. Practice

    No matter how experienced you are as a salesperson, you must always practice a new pitch. Writing the perfect pitch may sound good on paper, but will it flow when it becomes live? Take the time to practice by yourself in front of a mirror. Get a practice audience of family or business associates. Work your presentation so that your points flow seamlessly from one to another and your PowerPoint slides do the same. And don’t forget to accept constructive criticism from your practice participants.

  4. Leave Room For Questions

    Some inexperienced salespeople try to cram every possible detail into a sales pitch. However, a smart salesperson will know that the perfect sales pitch is condensed and contains just enough details to let the potential customer know that their problem can be solved. Make your pitch brief enough that it does not drag on too long. Allow some details to be left unsaid so the client will ask questions. This will also allow you to ask questions to get to the direct point of the potential client’s problems and formulate an answer just for them.

  5. Follow Up

    Perfect business pitches are only perfect if they achieve the goal of a sale. You may have delivered the perfect sales pitch and captured a potential client’s interest, but they must “get back to you.” Don’t rely on them to contact you. Mark a time in your calendar to follow up with the potential client and reassert your position to solve their problem with a summary micropitch. Ask for the sale, and then your perfect business pitch will be a success.

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