5 Tips to Improve Sales Follow Ups

Are you a closer? Stop struggling with sales follow-ups and consider these five tips to help you increase sales conversions.

You have learned in previous articles how to generate good sales leads. But how do you follow up a lead to improve sales conversions? Many business owners are great at making first contact and even making an enthusiastic sales pitch. But without following up on a sales lead, a good pitch can be wasted. Here are 5 great tips to help you improve sales follow-ups.

  1. Networking Events

    Networking events, such as an entrepreneur social, can be a great place to make contacts and find potential customers and business alliances. Be selective at these events and collect only business cards and contact information from people with whom you can actually do business.

    To improve your sales follow up, send a message to each contact the very next morning to set up a meeting or lunch to discuss how you can do business together. By being selective and following up right away, you increase your chances to make a productive business contact.

  2. Use Your Calendar

    A written calendar can be of great use to improve sales follow-ups. Every time you make a sales contact, write down a date in your calendar to follow up. It may be a week, a month for an interested party, or even a year down the road for a “no” answer. (You never know when they might change their mind.) Having it on your calendar helps you know exactly when and who you need to call that day.

  3. Follow Up with Older Customers

    Remember that you want to encourage repeat business from existing customers. Take time to research customers and find out what products or services they usually purchase from you. Find ones that haven’t purchased from you in a while. Then create a script that will allow you to easily approach them. Introduce yourself and explain that you are following up with existing valued customers. Remind them what they purchased before and ask how you can continue to earn their business.

  4. Post-sale Follow Up

    Always take the time to thank a customer for their business. It may be a simple “thank you” and a smile at you retail store, or if you work with individual clients, send a thank you letter. Your letter should sincerely thank your client for doing business with you. As a way to encourage repeat business, offer your new client a reduced price on a service or product that complements what they just purchased.

  5. Ask for Referrals

    One way to help increase your sales and improve your sales follow up is to encourage referrals. When a satisfied customer tells 3 or 4 of her friends or contacts, you have a great lead generator. Reward customers with a free bonus or a gift certificate for every referral they send your way. Or you could ask specifically for names and contacts of 2 to 4 others who might be interested in your products.

    These sales follow up tips are just a few ways you can improve your sales leads and increase sales conversions. Take action starting today to start your follow up strategy.

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