PR Marketing: PR Campaign Basics

Companies need press kits to promote any news or developments. Here's what to include in your press kit.

The Need for a Pubic Relations Campaign

In the modern world of advertising, it is imperative for companies of all sizes to develop press kits for distribution to various news sources and media outlets. As additional sources publish your online press releases, your web presence will increase.

The Contents of the Press Kit

The press kit needs to have some basic information about your company, services and products. It is an easy way to distribute the news about the company to various media outlets and other news sources. The ideal press kit would include:

Catalogues or brochures– They should include details of the company’s products or services, with information on what makes it different from the other similar products available on the market. It should also inform the customer about the prices at which the product is available.

Pictures of products and services of the company– Pictures are a great way of advertising. Visual impact is very effective to spark customer interest and motivate him to make the purchase.

Management Biographies– Dynamic management stalwarts are key factors for generating customer interest and confidence in the product. The kit should contain short biographies, highlighting the achievements of key people steering your company.

Testimonials– Customers feel comfortable when other people testify to the authenticity of the product. It helps to build their confidence level, increasing the chances of a sale.

Company logos– A brand is identified via your company logo. If your product is of good quality and appeals to the consumer, it builds your company image as well. Any new product introduced in the market and bearing the same logo automatically communicates to the consumer that the product is worth buying.

Information on the trademark and company logo– The proper use of the company trademark and logo is a must in every kit.

Interesting press release– The details in the press release should be interesting enough for uninterrupted reading. The first few lines should be catchy, to hold the reader’s interest. Otherwise, he will just flip over to some other page and the whole aim of the press release will be defeated.

Public relations is part of the communications discipline; the rapid increase in the use of digital tools and giant strides in communications technology has been made very powerful and effective. It is important to remember that when designing a press release, it should be structured for digital applications and targeted to reach digital audiences. These audiences are not accustomed to receive conventionally formatted information. In order to get the message across, the information has to be structured in a “quick read” format, to avoid being ignored. In an online PR campaign you will certainly encounter difficulties if you do not take care to design your public relations campaign properly.

You can benefit from a web based public relations campaign, by designing an effective digital press kit. It is essential to explore the concepts of digital public relations for the best possible results.

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