Product Update Press Release Template

Has your business recently updated a product? Let your consumers know with this press release template for announcing product updates.

Template: Product Update

Contact: <contact’s name>
<contact’s phone number>
<contact’s fax number, optional>

<product name and new version number> Now Shipping

<key feature and benefit>

<city, state>-<date>-<your company> <today released

New Features
<new feature 1>. <description of feature and benefit>.

<new feature 2>. <description of feature and benefit>.

<new feature 3>. <description of feature and benefit>.

<new feature 4>. <description of feature and benefit>.

Pricing and Availability
<product name> is available now at a suggested retail price of <retail price>. Registered owners of version <old version number> may upgrade to version <new version number> for <upgrade price>. Those purchasing <old version number> after <cut- off date for free upgrade> will receive a free upgrade. <your company> is offering a special introductory price of <discounted intro price> on <product name> from now until <cut-off date for intro price>. Demonstration disks are available for <demo disk price>. To order <product name> or to get a demo disk, call <phone number>.

<company info, including awards> For more information, contact <contact name> at <your company’s name, address, phone and fax numbers>.

Example: Product Update

Contact: Jane Q. Public
(202) 555-1234 Voice
(202) 555-4321 Fax
January 10, 20xx

XYZPro Now Shipping

New Reporting Features Can Save Thousands of Dollars
in Administrative Costs

Washington, D.C. – January 10, 20xx – ABC Computer Services today released XYZPro Version 2.0, a powerful PC software tool that keeps track of contract specifications, invoices, renewals, and other details associated with government contracts.

Carefully designed and tested for government contractors, XYZPro has been shown to dramatically improve productivity. BigTime Consulting of McLean, Virginia estimates that it saves over $20,000 a year in administrative costs. “XYZPro’s reporting features show us what we have billed on any given contract, informing us of our most profitable contracts. This guides our marketing efforts and makes us more competitive when we bid for future work,” says company vice president Angela Smith.

New Features
Easy-to-use menus. Employees no longer waste time tracking prices, doing repetitive look-ups, or other mundane tasks that slow people down. XYZPro’s new menu system lets staff instantly locate contracts, orders, invoices, and perform a host of other functions.

Added Security. Three optional security levels require special login and password commands to prevent unauthorized access to information stored on the computer.

Improved Help Facility. If users need help in performing a certain task, they can press the F1 function key to invoke context sensitive help which includes step-by-step examples of procedures.

Pricing and Availability
XYZPro is available now for $495.00. Registered owners of version 1.3 may upgrade to version 2.0 for $149.00. Those purchasing XYZPro 1.3 after November 1, 1996 will receive a free upgrade. ABC Computer Services is offering a special introductory price of $295.00 on XYZPro from now until March 1,1997. Demonstration disks are available for free. To order XYZPro or to get a demo disk, call 1-800-555-1234.

ABC Computer Services provides accounting and contract management software for government contractors. XYZPro has won the Small Government Contractors Magazine Award of Excellence as Software of the Year. For more information, contact Jane Q. Public at 1212 Main Street, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20000, (202) 555-

A fully-functional evaluation copy of XYZPro is available for review. Call Tracy Jones at (202) 555-2233.

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