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4 Ideas to Increase Your Holiday Sales through Facebook and Twitter

While they may not dress in red velvet or herd reindeer, Facebook and Twitter could play Santa Claus for your business. This year, social media sites are the perfect place to promote your holiday sales and strengthen your bottom line. In fact, even the less tech savvy American is jumping on board social media networks this holiday season.

Benefits to Small and Big Businesses Alike

Recently, mainstream television programs like Good Morning America have encouraged consumers to look towards social media outlets to find big savings on holiday shopping. Major retailers like Toys R Us and Target are using Facebook and Twitter to send out “first notices” of sales and promotions at local retail stores or online specials. To help gain customer loyalty and nudge sales, these big retailers have offered up to 75% to 80% off certain merchandise and even popular “Christmas list” items, such as children’s DVDs and Little Pet Shop toys.

This is big news for you, the small business retailer as well. If you have been devout in building your social media following, you have access to loyal customers who are willing to spend money at your business. While emails may not be read, social media updates are frequently seen on a daily basis. Every new update gives your followers something new to look forward to so they can take advantage of your deals.

Ideas for Your Social Network Following

Here are some tips for using social media to promote your holiday sales:

  • Secret Codes

    Social media retailers have been using a special code tool to entice members, followers, and friends to buy. Send out an update or “tweet” with a special code or link. The link can go directly to a particular landing page with big deals for your followers. Or, for instance, followers can simply enter a code at your online checkout, where they can save an additional percentage on their purchase.

  • Free Shipping

    Online shoppers know that shipping costs can negate the time and expense saved from driving to a variety of stores to do shopping. Offer to pay for shipping on behalf of your social media followers if they make a purchase as a result of your promotions.

  • Member Only Deals

    Your followers and fans might be considered “members.” They are those who have consciously opted to receive your notices and updates. Give them something special for their loyalty, such as a special 25%, 50%, or even 75% off, and they will not only buy this year, but continue to follow you throughout many more holiday seasons to come.

  • Pass it Along

    Another way you can promote your holiday sales through social media is by inviting your followers to pass along the notice to their friends and family. These “friends and family” deals not only help your holiday sales, but could also help you gain even more loyal followers.

The marketing power of social media is being realized during this current holiday season. Get your small business noticed in the social media circles with great holiday promotions.

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