Stay in the Black This Holiday With PPC Advertising

Take advantage of the holiday rush with a PPC advertising campaign that will bring traffic to your website instantly. Consider these four tips to ensure that your PPC holiday advertising campaign is a success.

We are now in the middle of the holiday advertising frenzy. If you haven’t already pushed your holiday advertising campaign into high gear, it’s not too late. With the right strategy, you can still reap huge profits from sales resulting from pay per click search marketing, also known as PPC advertising.

Growth in Holiday Sales

It’s never too late to begin a holiday advertising campaign. Consumers are avoiding lines in the mall and department stores, and getting their shopping done in the comfort of their own home.

Online sales of retail products and services have increased regularly year after year. Last year in 2008, the holiday season saw an average increase in 6% in online holiday sales. Larger retail stores saw an average 12% increase in sales. Before the holiday season ends, you need to embark upon your PPC advertising campaign.

What Consumers are Buying in 2009

A study performed by projects that consumers are still concerned about economy during the 2009 holiday season. They are looking for value and price incentives for their gifts this year, and your PPC advertising campaign can capitalize upon their budget concerns.

Here are some strategies you should incorporate into your 2009 holiday PPC advertising campaign:

  • Tap into the economy

    Although the economy may be slowly recovering, consumers are still quite concerned about the size of their wallets. Encourage shoppers to buy from your website by offering sales incentives in your PPC text. Free shipping, 20% discount on all orders, and other price cuts can all prompt shoppers to pick your PPC ad over the competition.

  • Review your previous PPC campaigns

    Did you perform PPC advertising last holiday season? What keywords did you use? Did you include holiday-related keywords and messaging in your PPC ads? Find what worked last year for your business or even in other non-holiday related PPC campaigns. Employ what works and don’t try to include holiday phrases just for the sake of the holidays.

  • Don’t “bait & switch” customers

    A recent study by CrownPeak shows that 66% of holiday-themed PPC advertising actually did NOT take users to a landing page tied to the holiday-themed ad. This type of practice is bad for all PPC advertisers. Remember that honesty is the best advertising policy. And if you advertise holiday promotions through search marketing, be sure to provide a related landing page for your potential customers.

  • Research your competition

    Take a while to look at what your competition is doing. What keywords are they using? What promotions or offers are they advertising? What text are they using in their ads? This type of research can help you narrow a more specific strategy toward your target market.

  • Schedule your PPC launch

    It is too late for Black Friday and Cyber Monday PPC ads. However, as each week approaches December 25, you can elevate your PPC advertising. Don’t forget that millions of customers do shopping the day AFTER Christmas.

The year-end holidays are the time when many retailers assure their profits for the year. Make sure you make the extra effort to attract customers with a strategic PPC advertising campaign.

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