7 Retirement Strategies For Small Business Owners

If you own a business, you should know when and how to exit. Read this guide to learn the best retirement strategies for small businesses.
retirement strategies for small business

As a small business owner, planning for retirement is overwhelming, but you should start early to ensure a smooth transition. Unlike an employee who waits for their 401k to be offered by the employer, you’re personally responsible for your retirement plan. You must make everyday financial decisions with the future in mind.

Considering that, today we have come up with the 7 best retirement strategies for small business owners. With a retirement strategy, you can confidently walk into the future. Rather than using your small business to fund your retirement by liquidating, you can choose individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or 401ks that act as additional income sources. As you make your retirement plan, consider the help of professionals who have the opportunity, information necessary, and knowledge to navigate this world. Precious metals like investing in silver IRA can help secure your retirement portfolio by physically adding silver bars and coins. The following are other retirement strategies you should consider as an entrepreneur:

1. Have An Exit Strategy

Putting some cash aside for your retirement isn’t enough; you should have an exit strategy that maps out how you’ll leave your job. Plan how you’ll transfer the business management and assets to another person.

Your exit strategy should be very clear. You can decide to sell your company to a family member, long term team member or hand over control to a new investor. With this, you have more insight into when to quit, how much to save, and how much to reinvest.

Furthermore, an exit strategy allows you to set goals and deadlines for your retirement plan. Think of everything you want to accomplish before retirement. It can be paying off your mortgage, setting up college funds, or buying a vacation house. Depending on your goals, an exit strategy allows you to be as specific as possible with your dates, amounts, and funds needed.

2. Choose The Right Plan

There are different retirement strategies out there. Each works differently based on your individual preference and the nature of your business. Pick the right plan and ensure you have the right advice. The following are some of the plans you should consider:

    • Solo 401k plan
    • IRA plans
    • Defined contribution plans:
    • Cash balance plan
    • Guaranteed income annuities (GIAs)
    • Traditional pensions
    • Cash value life insurance plan
    • The Federal thrift savings plan

Choose a plan that fits your specifications to ensure success

3. Hire A Professional

You should hire a professional retirement planner. Retirement planning requires a level of experience and financial planning. Also, with your busy schedule, an expert makes your life easier. They’ll take the decision-making role with your best interests in mind.

Remember, an expert has the experience and important retirement plan advice. They can inform you of the following:

      • How much is enough?
      • How can you achieve retirement financial goals?
      • What savings plan should you follow?
      • How much are you eligible for from social security?
      • Different annuities to consider

It’s never too late to plan your retirement.

4. Change Your Lifestyle

Your current lifestyle influences your retirement strategies. It affects how your plan comes together. As you begin to consciously work towards retirement, you should assess your current way of life. Examine your expenses and differentiate them from those of the business.

Also, you should decide on your living situation and consider your outstanding debts and mortgages. Lower any family financial dependence and unnecessary spending. If you can’t figure out a way around your lifestyle, enlist the help of a financial planner who can make the process seamless and accurate.

5. Sell Up

Your retirement strategy can be getting out of the business for good. If so, you can sell the business and cash out. There are different people like local competitors wishing to increase their market position, new entrepreneurs, or your employees who may want to buy your business.

Approach either of them so they can give you a price quote. You can make your business attractive to potential buyers and earn top dollar by operationalizing it, so it’s run by a manager and maximizing the right revenue.

6. Don’t Use Your Savings Until When Needed

Avoid drawing from your retirement savings too early. Some retirement plans have penalties for these, and you must pay them to access the fund, while others may result in your account losing interest or principal. Furthermore, there’s a chance you may lose the tax benefits of your account.

Once you set up a retirement account, don’t access it until you qualify to withdraw or retire. You will not only avoid the penalties but also secure your future.

7. Diversify Your Retirement Savings

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t depend on selling your business to finance your retirement. Instead, diversify the plan by having more than one retirement savings account. Pick any of the retirement plans or combine two of them. Weigh your cash flow against your retirement goals. This way, you can make an educated decision when choosing a plan.


Building your business empire takes a lot of focus and energy; planning for retirement can easily slip by. Therefore, you must know your options to secure your financial future. The list above is some of the retirement strategies you should consider. Having options ensures you’re satisfied with any path you choose.

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