Self-Storage Facilities and Your Home Business

If you have started a home business where you have lots of inventory, you may opt to have a storage facility for holding your products before they are dispatched to your customers.

Instead of renting out a warehouse and hiring staff and security guards to look after it, you could simply store your stock in a self-storage facility for a fraction of the cost.

Locating a Storage Facility

You can find a self-storage facility in business magazines, advertisements in newspapers or even through the Internet. You should pick a unit that is located near your home, so that you can visit it as frequently as you like.

It should also be near your preferred shipping carrier, to enable you to arrange deliveries from there directly to your customers. It should be guarded 24/7 by staff, in addition to a CCTV (closed circuit television) surveillance system. The self-storage facility should also have a system of maintaining proper records for all items going into and out of its facility.

Quality Considerations

The storage facility should be dry and well-protected from the elements of nature. This is especially true in the case of rain or snow; water is highly destructive, and if your unit leaks, your entire inventory could be destroyed, resulting in high financial losses. Before deciding on hiring the services of any self-storage facility, make a personal visit to the site and check out the quality.

Crosscheck with their existing clients as to the rates and quality of the services they offer. Once you've made your decision, be sure to take out a proper insurance policy on your products to protect against theft, fire or other damage.

If you have your own home business, utilizing the services of a storage facility can be much more convenient than simply storing your products at home. Just be sure to do your homework in advance.

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