Seminar Marketing 101

Seminars are a dime-a-dozen – I promise you that every skill that you could possibly need, whether you are a student or a new entrant in the job market or a senior level manager is offered at some type of seminar.

Your seminar is only as good as the number of people who attend it and recommend it to others.  That's why marketing or publicizing your seminar is very important.  Here are 5 points you may want to bear in mind when marketing your seminar.

Content: What is it about, what do you want to teach or communicate to your audience.  It could be anything that you are knowledgeable or even passionate about — from interior decoration to selling homes.

Venue and Time: One you have got someone interested in getting what you have to offer, they want to know how to get it.

Seminar Format: Depending on the composition and size of your audience, you need to use different methods to impart your knowledge and leave them wanting more (and preferably willing to pay for it!).  Don't conduct the seminar in a heavy, ‘jargony' manner or you will have lost your audience before you know it.

Marketing Strategy: Depending on the topic of your seminar, and the composition of your expected audience, you need to choose your marketing strategy carefully. Housewives can be approached through flyers at the supermarket or at the local playschools, while college students could be approached on the Internet or at the local bar.

The Seminar Experience: The above steps should have gotten your audience into their seats. Now that you've got them, you have to impress them.  The seminar experience generally depends on the environment such as the room and seating, on the content of the seminar and on your method of passing on the content.  It should be aimed at their interest level and should be given in a way that they find easy to absorb.

Follow these strategies and you should have a big audience at your next seminar!