Small Business Owners: Remember Your Children

As a small business owner and an entrepreneur, you have a big responsibility as the risk-taker for your business. A new business needs nurturing, attention, and work to help it grow and prosper – but this is also a familiar paradigm with your offspring. Unfortunately, many small business owners forget that they have growing children who also want and need their attention. While you may be spending 60 to 80 hours a week on the job, remember to take time for the kids.

Turn Off The Phone On Weekends

When you are home that doesn’t mean you are not still working on your business. Most small business owners continue to work on their companies even during their “off” hours. It is not uncommon to see moms or dads talking on their cell phones, texting staff and business partners, and sitting in front of the computer creating a spreadsheet.

But children notice when you are working, especially when it is their time. Make a commitment to shut down the computer and turn off the phone at least for a good 6 hours a day during the weekend. Don’t talk business on your cell while at your kid’s soccer game. Leave the spreadsheet for Monday, even if you must wake up earlier to do it.

Get Kids Involved With Your Business

Many children of small business owners have no idea what their parents do. Make the time to get your kids involved with the business. Have them come by the shop after school once in a while and help assemble products. Show them how to file accounts payable invoices. Teach them the finer points of customer service by answering phones. The more they know about your business, the more they understand why it is you work so hard.

Talk To Your Kids

Don’t forget to talk to your kids and ask them about their feelings and what they need. Most parents make assumptions about kids’ needs, but fail to actually ask. Ask them how they feel about your business, about how many hours you work, and what can you do to make their lives easier.

Understanding and communication are the keys to integrating family and business. Keep the lines of communication open, and get kids involved. It can make a world of difference for you and your children when they know you care.

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