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South Carolina Business Licensing Center

Important Points:

  • A state business license is required for all businesses in South Carolina that sell products or services.
    • Check with your county government for zoning restrictions and local licensing requirements.

How to Get a Business License in South Carolina:

  • If you plan to hire at least one employee, contact Internal Revenue Service to get an Employer ID Number (EIN), and to request your w-4, SS-4, Circular E and Publication 334 forms.
  • Register your business entity, obtain your license and permits, and file for business taxes at the South Carolina Business One Stop website.
  • Check with your local municipal governments for zoning, local licenses and permits requirements. See the Municipal Association of South Carolina for more licensing information.

South Carolina State Sales Tax:

  • South Carolina state tax is 6%.
    • Lodging is subject to a 7% rate.
    • Purchases of unprepared food are taxed at 3%.
    • Counties can charge an additional local option sales tax.

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