5 Fun Spring Promotion Ideas

April showers bring May profits! Learn how you can boost your springtime bottom line with these fun and clever spring marketing tips.

With spring in the air and the winter blues almost a cold memory, it’s time to start thinking about and implementing spring promotion ideas for your small business. Many businesses depend on the year-end holidays for a large portion of their yearly sales, but with a looming slow spring season ahead, you can boost your mid-year sales by offering clever and advantageous spring marketing ideas. Here are just a few ideas:

Winter Closeout

If you operate a retail business that stocks seasonal items, it may be time to offer a closeout sale as a spring marketing idea. Winter garments must be moved in order to stock new spring designs. Or winter space heaters must be liquidated so you can stock fans and air conditioners. Use a closeout sale to get customer flocking to your store like spring geese returning from Baja.

Free Gift to Retail Visitors

Spring encourages everyone to get out of their homes and enjoy outdoors – and shopping is on the minds of many winter hibernators. Invite them to your store with an offer of a free gift just for stopping by. It could be a promotional pen, a bookmark, or even a small gift certificate for a future purchase. Anything to get them into your store could result in extra sales from early spring buyers.

Enter to Win

Another good spring promotion idea is to offer a contest. You could bundle your own products as a prize or form a joint venture with another business to come up with a desirable jackpot. The bigger, the prize the better. Promote your contest via your website, social media, newsletters, and even paid advertising so customers will come to your store and enter in person. Remember to add new entries to your newsletter and contact database.

Spring Into Shape

So many people gain unwanted pounds during the winter months. As a result, they determine that losing weight is a must for the new season. Helping customers get in shape for the spring is a great way to boost your business. Your spring promotion ideas could include offerings to help them get in shape or be healthy. Stock exercise products. Carry whole and nutritious foods. Develop low-calorie recipes for your café.

Host a Spring Cleaning Seminar

Look around your community. You’ll find organizational experts all around trying to get people to get organized. Why not offer to host a spring cleaning seminar or workshop for your customers with a leading expert? Be sure to stock plenty of organizational products like shelves, tubs, containers, etc., so your attendees have access to these tools after the workshop.

These are just a few spring marketing tips to give your spring sales a boost. Remember to plan early for your spring promotion ideas so you have plenty of time to make printed material and do any necessary advertising. Working together with another business to form a joint marketing venture also takes time, but can be certainly worth the effort. Get started now or get left behind in the spring seasonal rush.

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