Stay In Contact With Your Customers

Nowadays consumers have many different options to choose from when they are seeking to purchase a product or service. With so many vendors to choose from, it most certainly is a buyer's market. Customers demand that you not only earn their business, but that you remain competitive in order to keep it.

With that said, you must provide excellent customer service not just at the point of sale, but by periodically following up with your clients to ensure their satisfaction. That means you must establish how often you will make a follow-up call to every customer with whom you have had contact – with and not just those who have purchased something from you.

Below are some great tips to help you establish, maintain and grow your customer base.

Communication Is Key

All initial meetings should be followed up with written correspondence – preferably a simple thank you letter, as some customers find that contact via email is rather impersonal. Add that client to your mailing list and mail them updated information on your products or services every three months.

It is also a good idea to add customer birthdays to your calendar and send them a card to commemorate that date. This act of kindness will not go unnoticed and makes your customers feel special.

Build Relationships

In order to build the best possible customer relationships, on occasion you will need to meet with your clients. You might suggest a lunch meeting or some other time at your customer's convenience. You might try organizing a ‘customer appreciation night,’ to get all of your customers together in one place.

Most people will be more than willing to accept your offer and it helps to send the message that you are investing your time and money to meet their needs.

Customers simply want to know that they are more to your business than just money. By taking some time to stay in touch with them, you'll be showing them just that.

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