The Ins and Outs of Brand Recognition

The Ins and Outs of Brand Recognition

When establishing your small business presence it’s important to consider brand recognition. Branding involves many aspects of your business.

Branding includes visual materials, attributes that you want to be associated with your brand and taglines as well as the overall experience of doing business with your company.

Establishing a Brand

One company that has done a great job establishing their brand is Volvo. When you think of safe cars, Volvo likely comes to mind. It doesn’t really matter that not all of Volvo’s vehicles score the highest marks on safety tests.

The brand has been well-established and, for many consumers, “safety” and “Volvo” go together.

The importance of the company logo and other visual materials should not be overlooked.

Tale of the Tape

There was a small business owner who ran a carpet cleaning company. For years he had used the same logo on all of his printed materials. Then he decided to revamp everything.

When he sent out a flyer about specials that had a new logo, he didn’t get the number of calls he’d expected from his regular customers.

He called some of them to find out why and learned that many of them didn’t realize it was the same company, so they had tossed the materials into the trash. He learned that he had firmly established his brand recognition with his client base.

Happily, most were so pleased with his services that they didn’t even consider using what they thought was a competitor. He also learned the importance of visual recognition for his company.

Brand recognition is important. Be consistent in your message, visual materials and deliverables. That is the best way to establish your brand in a positive way.