The Value of the Exit Interview

The Value of the Exit Interview

When an employee is leaving your business, whether by choice or not, do your best to secure an exit interview.

Valuable Information

An employee who is leaving is often a great source of information about how to make your business a better place to work.

They won’t feel the need to say only positive things, and may be able to offer valuable insights into how to improve the work experience of your employees.

Pick and Choose

Listen to what the employee has to say in an exit interview, and then apply your own knowledge of your operation.

An employee that is leaving on bad terms may be bitter and say negative things just for that reason.

An employee that is leaving on a positive note may not want to burn any bridges, so he may say only positive things.

Written vs. Verbal

Some business owners have found that employees tend to be more candid when the exit interview is in written form rather than a face to face verbal interview.

Of course, you lose the ability to ask follow-up questions, but if you prepare a thorough written interview, you will still be able to get a lot of information from it.

Don’t Panic

If you hear or read something awful don’t panic – even if the statement rings true to you.

Take the information and then spend some time making observations before deciding to take any action.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn ways to improve your business through conducting exit interviews.

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