Tips for Setting up Your Home Office

Tips for Setting up Your Home Office

If you decide to work from home, the first thing you have to do is to set up a home office. This is more than a notion (as I quickly found out!).  A lot of thinking and decision-making is involved in creating an effective and efficient home office.

Finding a Suitable Location in Your Home: You can set up your home office in a secluded corner of your basement; or, if there is enough space, then a spare bedroom will also work very well. You shouldn't be as concerned with the size as with the functionality of the office. You should be able to operate efficiently within the space.

Outlets for the Computer: Take into account what equipment you will need in your office. Also, keep in mind that your computer will need an outlet for the monitor, CPU, printer, scanner, speakers (sometimes), and other additional equipment that you may have.

Electricity and Lighting: Good lighting is necessary for your home office. Since you will spend a lot of time in your office, a poorly lit one will result in eyestrain. Prolonged strain on the eyes could even lead to severe problems with eyesight.

Ventilation: The computer and its accessories need to breathe so that they work properly. It is very important to always keep the fan clean and dust free. If there isn't proper ventilation, the computer and its accessories could overheat and stop working — you could even lose your all your files as a result.

Telephone Connection and Access: A telephone is not just used to answer and make calls in your office; it is also used to connect your modem to the Internet. You could also have a separate telephone line only for your office use.  A separate telephone line for the office enables you to keep track of the expenses made by the business on phone calls for tax purposes. Your office telephone line should be used by your clients to contact you directly during working hours.

Setting up a functional and efficient home office is the first step to a successful business — follow the tips above and you're well on your way.

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