To Twitter or Not to Twitter: That is the Bandwagon Question

It seems like just about everybody has Twitter these days. The President of the United States, Puff Daddy, Larry King, and Howard Stern top the list of the nation’s most renowned Twitterers, just to name a few. Average Joes are also signing up to Twitter in droves. Now all it takes to author original content on the internet is a few spare minutes and the click of a button.

Despite its user-friendly appeal and the magnitude of the audience, is Twitter right for you? Ask yourself the following questions when determining whether to jump on the bandwagon or let this fad pass you by.

Do Others in my Social or Professional Circle Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to make and maintain new professional and social connections. Whether you are interested in collecting stamps or if you are a defense attorney, the odds are that you will find others with similar interests or professional goals on Twitter.

What Are My Twitter Intentions?

There are many different reasons why people join Twitter. Some do it as a leisure activity while others look at it as a means of making professional gains, developing a readership, or generating business. Determine what your Twitter intentions are before setting up a site. If you are Twittering for leisure, it won’t require as much of an investment. If your reasons are more professional in nature, you may want to take time to think about things like themes, quantity of posts, quality of posts, etc.

Do I Have Time to Twitter?

Some people’s Twitter sites are only viewed by friends and family members, but if your goals include generating an interest from a broad range of readers or customers, it is important that you have time to invest in your Twitter site. A Twitter site that remains dormant is tacky and unappealing to modern web users. Today’s web user wants to see a profile that is updated regularly with compelling content and blog posts. If you don’t have time to update Twitter more than once a week, chances are that your site will not gain much popularity.

There is no questioning the power of this social networking tool. It is indeed a force to be reckoned with. People who have already jumped on the Twitter bandwagon will attest to its entertainment value. Many have also discovered a unique outlet to voice opinions and share information with others. Still other small businesses have cemented their client relations by sharing an inside view into the company. However, whether or not Twitter is right for you is a decision you will have to weigh using the questions above.

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