TOGAF Certification Guidelines

TOGAF certification helps IT enterprise architects enhance the overall efficiency of a business by using a high-level approach to design.
TOGAF Certification Guidelines

TOGAF, The Open Group Architecture Framework, is the enterprise architecture framework that improves various aspects of an enterprise IT architecture. The TOGAF certification is based on the US Department of Defense TAFIM (Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management).

Moreover, the Open Group is behind the TOGAF development. The Open Group is an organization consortium that holds around 500 members. About 450 organizations are behind the development and building of TOGAF.

Objective behind TOGAF

The objective of deploying the TOGAF Certification is to provide knowledge that helps enterprise architect in enhancing the overall efficiency of a business, by using a high-level approach to design.

Moreover, TOGAF certification courses target those candidates who wants to be a professional EA (Enterprise Architect). Experts also apply for the course to learn about new updates related to enterprise architecture.

How can an organization implement TOGAF?

TOGAF adopts the high-level approach to design and is generally created by levels of EA domains: Application, Business, Technology, and Data.

  • Architecture for Business: helps business in defining various business strategies, key business processes and governance
  • Architecture for application: provides the individual blueprint for a specific system which is deployed and enables the interaction of an application system with the core business process
  • Architecture for data: helps in describing the logical and physical data assets of an organization and their resource management
  • Technical Architecture: helps in providing the infrastructure for hardware, software, and the network of the main application

Criteria required for TOGAF certification

For TOGAF certification, there are no prerequisite eligibility criteria. However, after completing the TOGAF course, a candidate will need to clear two exams to become an Enterprise Architect.

Examination level

TOGAF certification holds two exams known as Level 1 and Level 2:

  • Level 1 examination is known as the Foundation course, which covers the basics.
  • Level 2 examination is for TOGAF certification.

Moreover, there are various online courses and training institute that provide TOGAF courses. The courses include study material in such a way that candidate can clear both the certification level in one go.

If you are studying on your own, then you need around 2 weeks for training, and with the institute, it usually took about 4 days.

Marking criteria required for clearing TOGAF certification

The exact distribution of marks for TOGAF certification are as followed:

  • Foundation level: There are 40 maximum points in the foundation level. The pass percentage is 55%, which is 22 out of 40 points.
  • Certified level:There are 40 maximum points in this level, too. The pass percentage is 60%, which is 24 out of 40 points. All the exam questions on this level are multiple choice questions with each question equal to one point.

If a candidate fails either level, they will have re-take that particular section of the certification. If you want to pass both exams in one attempt, get help from an authorized training course provider.

Remember, TOGAF certification requires passing both levels.

How to re-apply in case you fail an exam

If you experience a failure in any of the two examinations, don’t worry. You can re-apply after one month. If you re-apply before a one month gap between exams, your score will not be counted.

Major points covered in TOGAF course

The TOGAF certification course provides knowledge for enhancing the skill sets that are related to enterprise architecture. Usually, the structure of TOGAF certification course covers the following:

  • Development method for various phase
  • Content framework
  • Continuum and tool of the enterprise
  • Architecture partitioning, governance, principles, etc.

After completing the TOGAF certification course

Once the candidate goes through the TOGAF certification course, they should have a deep understanding of EA (Enterprise architecture). It opens the door for future opportunities like:

  • Working in multi-national corporations as a business architect
  • Working as an enterprise architecture consultant deploying an EA framework

Every enterprise around the world is aiming to achieve optimization and growth. Business architects help companies reach this goal because of their ability to analyze, understand and generate a best solutions to complete projects successfully.

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