Top 10 Small Business Marketing Tips

If you are a small business, you should be using several marketing approaches that will get potential customers to notice your company. Here are the top ten small business marketing tips that will help you promote your company's products or services.

By definition, marketing is used to educate, inform, and promote the products and services of a company. Marketing is a critical piece of any company’s business plan, as it helps to connect current clients and prospective customers with your company and increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Here are some tips you can use to improve your own small business’ marketing plan:

  1. Promote your business with buddy marketing

    In buddy marketing, you will have to team up with another small business. It can help you reach many more customers than you would be able to without it. There are many buddy marketing strategies you can use. For instance, in case you send out company brochures, add another company's business card and get it to do the same for you. This will let both companies get in touch with a new pool of potential customers.

  2. Include stickers on direct mails

    When you send business mail, you should add stickers, handwritten notes and stamps. Ensure that you place them outside the envelope so it catches the eye. Stickers and notes will be read first, before the mail is opened. The message on the sticker or note should be brief so it can be read in less than ten seconds.

  3. Print a small version of your best ad and mail it

    Find the best ad your company has and print it on a postcard. One of the key factors to consider when you select the ad is the length of its message – it should ideally be brief. People are more likely to read a postcard that has a short message, than a long one. A small postcard ad can help drive a big volume of traffic to your company's website. It can generate several sales leads.

  4. Add a message when you answer calls

    When you answer calls, include a message that is likely to interest the caller. It can be about a new service or product your company has launched. It is possible that the caller will ask about the new offering. The message about the offer should be short, just enough to get his attention. If you are making an offer, it should be aggressive. You can also include a date of expiry for the offer so that caller knows he should find out about it soon if he wants it. This can push the caller to inquire about it immediately.

  5. Make another offer immediately after a customer makes a purchase

    Once a customer makes a purchase, offer a new product or service immediately. A good way to do this is to send a note to the customer. You can thank him for doing business with your company. Also mention that on returning with the note, you will make him a special offer. For instance, you can offer a discount on a new product or service. You can create urgency by adding a date of expiry.

  6. Host seminars

    Get face time with prospects and important customers by hosting an event like a seminar. It will give get people to know about your company. Such events can get good media coverage and turnout. If you are conducting a seminar, limit the number of people attending it by charging a fee. The value of the seminar can increase when you charge a fee.

  7. Mail outs

    In all the mails you send out, include your ad, brochure or flyer. This way, you will not have to pay the additional postage you would otherwise have to if you were to send the brochures or ads separately.

  8. Newsletter

    The cost of making a sale to an existing customer is six times lesser than that to a new one. To market your products and services to an existing customer, you can send newsletters. A good cost saving tactic is to send a newsletter via email to those who subscribe to your company.

  9. Exchanging products and services

    You can use this tool to promote your company's offerings and get them to use it. If you know of a business whose products or services are used by the same target customers as yours, you can trade the your offerings for the company's products or services or for its advertising space.

  10. Keep your marketing approach fresh

    One marketing approach will not always work for a business. Customers may stop paying attention to what you are doing if you use the same approach. So, it is important to change the marketing tactics of your business. Marketing can be interesting if you make the most of the different opportunities for getting across your value proposition to customers. An important thing to remember is that the marketing tactics you select should be those that offer a good ROI to you. To find out whether an effort has been effective, you should seek feedback from customers. Change the efforts if you have to, on the basis of what the customers have to say.

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