Share Wedding Day Joy with Your Part Time Wedding Video Business

Would you like to capitalize on the fastest-growing wedding industry businesses? Read on to find out how you can make money in a part time wedding video business.

If you like to capture special moments on video and have a good eye and steady hand for composing a shot, then you could easily become a wedding videographer and start your own home wedding video business.

With video camera technology improving considerably every year, wedding videos are becoming much more popular due to the high quality results they produce. Brides and grooms are realizing that photography is just not enough to capture every special moment from their wedding day. With your part-time wedding video business, you can offer them an edited and personal video that captures every moment from the vows and cake cutting to the first dance and the final goodbyes.

Skills Required: Fluency in operating a video camera controls, smooth video capture, computer video editing knowledge, sales skills.

A home wedding video business does require some important technical skills. You cannot simply press the red button to record. You must be knowledgeable about video camcorders and know how to operate them for greatest efficiency.

You must know about focus control, exposure, white balance adjustment, aperture control, frame rate, sound input, and more. The best way to become familiar with these controls is simply to practice using them until you are fluent in getting a great exposed shot in any light condition. You could also take a video camera class from your local community college.

As well, you should also practice shooting a video camera to get a great composition and to prevent shaky shots. Handheld wedding video shooting can work, but they are generally too shaky and should only be used to capture action shots. Use a tripod or monopod as much as you can for the entire ceremony and reception.

Another important skill you will need is learning how to edit your video using computer software. There are some easy and inexpensive video software packages available, but you might also consider using high-end software such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premier Pro. Learning may take time, practice and a class or two from a local community college. Remember, you will need to edit the hours of video you capture into a one-hour or less final video product.

Startup Expenses: $1,000 – $7,000

The amount of startup expenses depends upon how much equipment you wish to purchase and own. You can easily rent professional hi-def camcorders for a few hundred dollars a day, which you can incorporate into your fees. However, if you want to own equipment, you will need the basic setup:

  • Hi-Def Camcorder $1,000 – $5,000 depending on model
  • Quality shotgun microphone $100
  • Tripod $150
  • Computer Editing Software $100 – $1,000
  • Computer to handle editing software $1,000 – $2,000

Again, video equipment can easily be rented and is almost recommended due to the quick improvement of technology. If you buy a top-line camcorder today, it will be outdated in a year.

You may already have a personal computer. However, if you want to perform your own editing, you may need one that is faster and has more memory to handle the editing software you choose. Editing can also be done on a rented computer, or even contracted out to a video major at your local college.

Other startup expenses will be marketing materials such as brochures, website, and demo video DVDs.

Monthly Revenue: $500 – $3,000 per month

Wedding video packages run from a basic $500 for ceremony only to up to $3,000 for a video of the full day including ceremony and reception, as well as additional short video documentary of the bride and groom. One wedding a month can earn you a nice part-time income depending on your average wedding video package.

Monthly Expenses: $0 – $500

Once you start your home wedding video business, there is essentially no overhead. The only expenses will be for recording media, blank DVDs and renting equipment, but all this can be passed on to the customer in your fees. Your regular expenses will be for your marketing materials to continue to get business.

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