What are PBN Backlinks and Should I Use Them?

This is a complicated topic. Here's a solid look at what PBN backlinks are and whether you should be using them for SEO.
PBN backlinks

Even if you are new to creating a website, you are going to know what backlinks are good. They help greatly with SEO and they can help take you to the top of the Google results page. You may have seen a lot of discussion about PBNs recently and are wondering whether this is something you should use. Well, this is a complicated topic but one that is worth learning about. so, let’s take a look at what PBN backlinks are and whether you should be using them for SEO.

What is a PBN?

First of all, let’s understand what a PBN is. This stands for private blog network and it is essentially a database or collection of websites. When you have access to PBNs, you can get backlinks from them. They are created by someone purchasing a lot of domain names that have expired. They have good domain authority and the new owner will post content onto those websites, which include backlinks. 

The story that a company might try to sell you is that PBNs can help to improve SEO and rankings, as well as your domain authority. You can see what Linkplicity has to say on this topic if you want to learn more. But, what we should tell you is that a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that PBN backlinks are what they need. Yet, they can land your website in a lot of trouble if you do not know what you are doing.

Should I Use PBN Backlinks?

There are some reasons why people are tempted to try PBN building. Namely, there is the opportunity to enjoy higher rankings on Google and gain recognition on the internet. In particular, if you are in an industry that is highly competitive you may think that PBN backlinks are the answer to all of your problems. Indeed, it is a strategy that is capable of working quickly since you have many websites working all at once.

However, it is easy to get sucked into the positives about PBN building. Again, a lot of businesses or blogs that are struggling to have an impact on the web think that this is going to be the solution that turns this all around. If you want to know whether you should use PBN backlinks, you need to consider what Google thinks about them. After all, when you are creating a strategy for your website, you want to make sure that you are enjoying positive results. 

When it comes to PBN backlinks, Google is not really a fan. Remember that this search engine is all about quality. They want to provide quality content to their users and using link-building schemes might jeopardise this. It is viewed as a way of manipulating the system. In fact, you should realise that PBN backlinks are against the rules. In other words, you will be violating the Google Guidelines if you use PBN backlinks. Thus, it is a risky practice and one that is not going to be safe to use in the long term.

Not only do you risk your website using PBN backlinks, but you are also going to spend a lot of money to try out this tactic. Sure, you might be able to enjoy results from PBN backlinks if you are careful and know what you are doing. But, it is more likely that you will spend a lot of money and not achieve the results you want. Is the risk worth it? Simply, the answer is going to be no.

Know the Risks of PBN Backlinks

We all dream of having our website at the top of the Google results page. This is something that is achievable with hard work, consistency and the right strategy. Ultimately, as with anything in life, the easy route is not always going to pay off in the end. This is something you can also say about PBN backlinks. It may seem like it can lead to success quickly. You can link with high authority websites and it can seem good for SEO. Indeed, there are some benefits that could result from this strategy. However, in most cases, there is simply too much risk involved when it comes to PBN backlinks. It violates the rules and Google is aware of this tactic now. It can mean that you do not gain the positive results you were looking for and it can also cost you money.   

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