White Hat Link Building: How To Avoid Toxic Backlinks

White hat link building is an SEO technique to links to your website from other websites in a legitimate way, which increases your traffic naturally.
white hat link building

White hat link building is an SEO technique to links to your website from other websites in a legitimate way, which increases your traffic naturally.

Backlinks are one of the key ranking factors in Google. To stay at the top of search results, it is vital for your website to work on link building and generate high-quality do-follow backlinks. If there are a lot of backlinks from an authoritative site, this is a sign that your content is trustworthy and it should have a priority in SERP. 

So, a link from an authoritative site serves as a credibility tool and increases the overall page rank. However, not all links are equally useful. There are also toxic ones that are better to avoid, so in this article, we will tell you how to build your link profile with high-quality links only. 

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White Hat Link Building Meaning

What is white hat link building? White hat SEO links building is one of the legal techniques that allow for increasing traffic naturally. For search engines, this is a sign that you are not breaking the rules to rank in Google. It is these links that can safely increase the ranking of the site. What is the difference between white and toxic links? Let’s look at this further.

Quality vs Toxic Links: What Is The  Key Difference

Before creating an effective white-hat link-building strategy, let’s draw a clear line between toxic and quality links to avoid the first and generate the ultimate amount of the second-type ones. 

What Does a Quality Link Look Like?

Here are the main characteristics of a quality backlink that you can get with white hat backlinks tools:

  • The potential to attract referral traffic. The link serves as both a navigation tool and attracts targeted traffic.
  • The link corresponds to the topic of your resource. If your site has content about a wedding, then the link should fit the context. Read the full post to get more about the efficiency of the backlinking strategy. 
  • The link comes from a trusted source. To increase the number of links coming from reliable platforms, you can buy backlinks with the help of Linksmanagement. Partnering with a reliable link-building vendor is one of the most effective while-hat SEO tactics. 

What Does a Toxic Link Look Like?

It is time to talk about black hat link building so as to understand what such strategies are about. Here are the key points:

  • The link comes from a site that was created solely to post links or has a high advertisement-to-content ratio.
  • The link doesn’t match the site content.
  • The link comes from a site that is not indexed by Google.

How to Avoid Toxic Links?

Black hat link-building strategies are usually easy to follow, and such a tactic is often about getting a lot of toxic links. Google spots them in a flash, however, there is a safe tactic to avoid toxic backlinks and get only relevant ones. 

Develop a habit of auditing your backlink profile daily to identify dangerous links before they can hurt your site’s rankings. To do this, you can use online link checking tools, for example, this is Ahrefs or Semrush.

It often happens that the sources of backlinks have dead traffic or a low level of authority. You can deal with such links by asking the website owner to remove the link. Modern tools will help you keep abreast of what is happening with your links and allow you to take timely action to eliminate all toxic links.

Easy and Effective White Hat Link Building Tips

To avoid the risks toxic links can promise, you should give preference to white hat SEO tactics. What strategies can bring you success and not destroy your ranking? Use the next easy tips to build a powerful link profile and boost your website rankings.

Use Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the ever-green white hat link building methods. The bottom line is to find an intermediary site with a high rating and agree on posting a publication with a link to your site. Thus, you get a backlink from a reputable resource and an influx of natural and targeted traffic.

Generate Unique Content

To get backlinks organically, you should make sure that your content triggers a desire to share. Generating quality and unique content is one of the most effective strategies to get backlinks. Сreating a really useful content for people, not just for Google, you can even get links for free.

Therefore, it is important to choose a relevant topic, write an expert article, add multimedia to the article, and use your own photo materials. Process them in Photoshop; if you feel that your retouching skills are not enough, order retouching from a professional studio like Photza or hire freelancers on UpWork (this can be cheaper).

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You should not use photos copied from other sites as Google will easily check the uniqueness of both text and photos.

Create Infographics

Infographics are one of the most effective tools for making your content more valuable and attractive, along with increasing the chances of getting more backlinks. When using infographics, be sure to include a list of sources and a requirement to link to your site for using it. If you want to know more about visual content and SEO connection, visit matchboxdesigngroup.com.

Write Longreads

If you want to get backlinks and do almost nothing as part of link building, then you should give preference to long-read content (1500-3000 words on average). A detailed and useful article promises a good chance to get a quality backlink. Independent research and trending topics are great for strengthening the overall SEO strategy and backlink building.

Encourage Customers’ Reviews

If you want to add credibility to your website, then you should think about the reviews. Invite customers to write reviews about your company and collaborate with affiliate marketing websites that review and compare different products, services, and businesses. That is, in the context of link building, getting features in an expert review is the surest key to getting a quality backlink.

Wrapping Up

The use of toxic links is a fast way to destroy your rankings. It is wise to use only those strategies that promise getting quality and safe links. It will take a little more time and effort, but white hat link building results are worth it. Use the tips above to stay at the top SERP positions.

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