What to Tell Your Contacts About Stolen Dropbox Passwords

There are breaking reports about 7 million passwords allegedly being stolen from Dropbox. Use this timely opportunity for you to show off your IT muscles and connect with your contacts. Read these step-by-step marketing instructions on exactly what you should do right now.

The news of some Dropbox accounts being accessed using passwords published on the Internet brings with it an opportunity for you to connect with your IT contacts. This marketing technique is called Newsjacking, a term coined by international bestselling author, David Meerman Scott.

Sending a short note about the Dropbox situation can help keep you top-of-mind. As your contacts think about IT services, they will think of you.

Strike while the news is still fresh. Here is what you should do within the next day or two:

Step 1.

Create the following email alert using a template layout in you email marketing tool.

Email Subject Line (pick one):

  • Have Hackers Published Your Dropbox Password?
  • Was Your Dropbox Password Hacked?
  • Dropbox Denies That Your Password Was Hacked

Message Text:

On Monday, October 13, 2014, several sites like Ars Technica, VentureBeat, and The Verge reported that hackers claim to have stolen 7 million Dropbox passwords.

Dropbox said that they were not hacked and that the passwords were stolen from other sites and tried on Dropbox since many people use the same password for multiple sites. Posts on Reddit suggest that some of the published passwords have already been used to login to unsuspecting Dropbox accounts.

If you have important files on Dropbox, we recommend that you consider reviewing your data backup and data security policies and procedures. Contact us for some guidelines to protect your data:

<your name, email, phone number and link to your web site>

Step 2.

Send the alert to all of your contacts.

Step 3.

Be accessible when someone reaches out to you. Contact them the same day. The longer you wait, the colder they get.

By using a tool like MailChimp to send your message, you can see who is opening your message, who is clicking and who might be ready to engage in a sales conversation.

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