Why Tech Giants Still Hire Ruby Developers for Web Application Development

With experienced and highly-skilled developers, Ruby on Rails web development is efficient and cost-effective.
ruby on rails development

Let us say that you are a startup company looking to expand your presence online through web and mobile applications. You want what the modern consumer wants – mobile optimization, data analytics, convenient search tools, and cute customer care bots. You do not know where to start so you do research on best websites for startup businesses, and one leads to an outline on how to hire ruby developers. But what is Ruby? Or even Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails: What is it?

Ruby on Rails is among the highly popular web development frameworks out in the market. Developed in 2004, Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework based on Ruby programming language. Ruby and Ruby on Rails put emphasis on the following:

  • Integrated development tools
  • Modular and scalable development
  • Automated processing
  • Continuous improvement

These are very common goals for modern development frameworks. This only makes Ruby on Rails even better in that it has been standing by these goals since its release in 2005. Ruby on Rails code also follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) development paradigm, which supports the modular development approach of the platform. There are related technologies available in the market, such as RubyMine and CoffeeScript.

We have this great development tool available, so how do tech companies use ruby on rails? Ruby on Rails web development has expanded from web applications to mobile development across several sectors and industries. Apple has even incorporated the platform in the release of the MacOS X v 10.5, “Leopard” in 2006. Despite its reliability and performance since its release, many are questioning if this “old” or “mature” tool can perform in an oversaturated industry, filled with modern tools of similar approach and architecture.

Is Ruby on Rails Dying?

Although it tends to be called a “mature” web development technology, Ruby on Rails has proven to be reliable and a great web development platform overall. Amazon.com, Hulu, Shopify, Twitter, Github, Twitch, and LinkedIn are only some of the companies that use ruby on rails on their websites. Since 2018, Ruby on Rails has been among the most popular programming languages. There are several reasons as to why more and more companies are using Ruby on Rails web development platform for their web and mobile tools.

Product Security

The platform provides Ruby on Rails web developers with various tools to implement and strengthen security in the web and mobile applications that they provide. Tools such as security detection through analysis, web security scanners, are application self-protection tools are either built-in or used in conjunction with Ruby on Rails to build security. And because Ruby on Rails is an open source platform, there is a wide array of community tools that can be integrated into the platform by the developers.

Modular and Adaptable Tools

Ruby on Rails greatly supports scalability and efficiency in development. The web development platform emphasizes in service-oriented architecture and provides options and tools for code optimization and horizontal scalability. Modular tools and libraries are incorporated into the platform to ensure more efficient and scalable web and mobile application development and optimized code. These modular tools can also be incorporated into the web and mobile application that developers can augment the product with additional layers of functionalities and features.

Integrated Development tools

As a platform, Ruby on Rails provides all the tools that Ruby on Rails developers will need to quickly build web and mobile applications. Ruby on Rails has the architecture, development environment, and configurations that saves the developer much of the work. Experienced developers would be able to skillfully utilize the tools provided by the development environment to efficiently and effectively build web and mobile applications.

Test Automation

One of the more remarkable aspects of the Ruby on Rails platform is its automated testing processes. Ruby on Rails incorporated automation in test-driven development processes and tools, where codes are evaluated and practiced before being executed. Automation saves on software development time and resources. Incorporating automated testing processes ensures code quality and product integrity during development. With this approach, problems are prevented from popping up later when the product is in use.

Constant Improvement

Ever since its release in 2005, Ruby on Rails has been upgraded numerous times. And because Ruby on Rails is an open source technology, the large Ruby on Rails community has also supported a large part of these changes. The community actively provides feedback on the environment, its tools, and potential applications which leads to libraries, code upgrades, and plugin being developed and incorporated into the tool. As more companies and developers use Ruby on Rails, the platform will continue to improve and build on itself.

Ruby on Rails is a great web and mobile application development tool. However, just like any tool, its performance greatly depends on the skills and experience that the developers have. Skilled and expert Rub on Rails developers knows how to utilize all these features to efficiently develop products and ensure that they save on time and resources. Expert Ruby on Rails web developers and product teams are able to effectively guide how

Demand for Ruby on Rails Developers

Because of the popularity and potential that the RoR platform has a high demand for Ruby on Rails developers as well. Ruby on Rails developer salary ranks among the top 10 highest and averages at 75,000 USD globally. Not only does Ruby on Rails provide a highly competitive salary, but there is a large number of a job opening for such positions. As for job openings, Ruby on Rails has a higher number of job openings compared to Django, Laravel, or Express.js developers in the United States. Ruby on Rails has also been a popular technology in areas with high numbers of startups. Ruby and Python, as well as Ruby on Rails, is also widely taught in boot camps both online and personally.

The question is, would this demand for Ruby on Rails developers hold for long? We can never predict how technology will be in the future unless you are amongst the group that steers the direction of technology in the future. What we have with Ruby on Rails is a strong foundational tool that is a reliable and effective tool for developing web and mobile applications for quick startup launches. With experienced and highly-skilled developers, Ruby on Rails web development is efficient and cost-effective.


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