Will the Next Decade Be Overtaken by the Lipstick Entrepreneur?

The number of home-based businesses is on the rise. 2009 has seen a sharp increase in entrepreneurship, and 2010 looks to be an even bigger year for new entrepreneurs. Interestingly, the largest segment of these numbers is in the category of “lipstick entrepreneur.”

Who is the lipstick entrepreneur? No, it’s not those who sell fashion makeup from home. Rather, it is the term coined for the growing number of independent businesswomen.

Booming Numbers of Female-Owned Companies

The numbers of women entrepreneurs have risen sharply in the last few years. According to a report by The Future Laboratory, a leading European trend forecasting firm, there has been significant growth in women-owned businesses over the last 12 month period. More than 1 million women are solo entrepreneurs in the UK, and the report expects that trend to double by the next decade.

In the US, the new book by Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre, Women Want More, states that the number of women-owned businesses are expanding at twice the rate of those started by male entrepreneurs. These numbers point to the trend that not only are women starting businesses to help meet expenses, but they are seeing an available place in the general market that have been left by male entrepreneurs.

Raising Kids and Making Money

The old paradigm of women staying home simply to take care of the children is long gone. Rather than just give up working completely when they decide to have kids, women have started forming home businesses to continue working for themselves while they remain home with the young ones. Whether it is part time or full time, women entrepreneurs are finding that they can have a job and raise kids too.

Whether it is to break the proverbial glass ceiling, or just prove that they can make a difference at home, women-owned businesses are definitely the trend setter in home-based opportunities. Look for these numbers to rise in the next few years, and for the lipstick entrepreneurs to become a monumental part of business in America during the next decade.

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