Recession Resistant Business Ideas: Working Part-Time as a Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for fitness, turn it into profits! Be inspired by this guide to starting a part-time personal trainer business that is both financially and personally rewarding.

Working part-time as a personal trainer is a wonderful way to generate additional income. It is a job that is especially lucrative if you enjoy working weekends because busy professionals who are interested in training may not have time during the week. Starting a business as a personal trainer is easy if you are an active and energetic person with a passion for health and wellness.

You don’t need a gym membership, a fancy fitness studio, or hours of training to start working weekends as a personal trainer. There are many public facilities and outdoor venues that you can access free of charge to train your clients and your own body for physical perfection. Local parks, schools and community centers feature adequate spaces to conduct training sessions. YMCAs also feature low-cost memberships, and you can gather tips from their fitness classes and trainers.

Working part-time as a personal trainer is a challenging and energizing experience. The clients you work with will look to you for guidance and support on a weekly basis. You can help them meet their needs by providing encouragement, exciting workout routines, and healthy eating tips. If you need to start working weekends to make extra money, then working part-time as a personal trainer is a great solution because it is fun and rewarding.

Skills Required: Be in great shape and have excellent communication skills

Being physically fit is the most important aspect of starting a business as a personal trainer. In addition, you need to communicate clearly and concisely with clients. There may be opportunities for you to speak to groups or to lead group fitness classes, and therefore, public speaking skills are also a must.

Startup Expenses: $500 – $2000

There are various certification programs for personal trainers that you might want to explore. These courses vary in price. It’s possible you might want to schedule a few sessions with an experienced trainer to get some pointers before starting your own business. You will also need to do some creative advertising, but you can make use of community bulletin boards and online classifieds for this.

Monthly Revenues: $200 – $1000 per month. Personal trainers make $35-75 hourly.

Monthly Expenses: Minimal

The only monthly expense you will encounter is transportation to and from sites. This can be tricky if you are training clients in their own homes. It is easy to reduce transportation costs if clients come to your home or if you always meet in a centralized fitness facility. If you plan and schedule your training sessions accordingly, you can minimize your monthly expenses.

Time to Break Even: Two months

Breaking even will depend on how many training sessions you do each month and how much you decided to invest in your own training or certification.

Many people struggle with stress, anxiety and weight gain during a recession. Working weekends as a personal trainer is a great way to help others and keep your body in top physical condition too.

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